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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Book Review No Thanks I'm Just Looking

Book Review
No Thanks I’m Just Looking
Turning Shoppers Into Buyers
By Harry J. Friedman

This book was quite interesting. I have been in retail since 1974. Some of my fondest memories are remembering my father “On Stage” interacting with customers. Bruce was so over-the-top that customers would come in just to see what he was up to.

My father, Bruce, tried all sorts of gimmicks like wearing cowboy hats or an assortment of other hats. He had the Colonel Sanders-style bow ties for a long time. If you watch videos of Justin Wilson the Cajun Chef you have seen a very good likeness of my father.
The point is that what my father did was rapport-building at its best. This is one of the things that Friedman points out in his book. You must have some type of rapport with your customer before you can sell them anything.

There are some types of retail that are easier sells than others. Convenience stores have an almost 100% conversion rate. The reason for this is that customers have already made the buying decision before they got to the store.
Friedman takes us through the steps of building a relationship with the customer and asking probing questions to find out what the customer actually wants. The system is a time-proven method of selling at the retail level.

If you are involved with any aspect of retail you should read this book.

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