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Thursday, May 9, 2013

They Call Me Lifeboat

They Call Me Lifeboat

I am a 1995 Ford Aerostar van.  Another family that loved me very much gave me to my family way back in 1999.  My new family loved me so much that they vowed to never part with me.  Today, they were forced to let me go.

My family had a van that broke and left them stranded.  My previous family heard that my family needed a van and so, as hard as it was for them to give me up, they did.  I served both families well.  In fact, I had over 300,000 miles on me when I was finally taken from my new family.

Back during the Apollo missions, Apollo 13 encountered a serious problem and they were forced to use the lunar module as a lifeboat.  That was my job, too. 
I first came to my family’s rescue when they were without transportation.  Later, during the hottest part of the summer, my family’s air conditioner broke and it took days to get the new parts.  My family used me to keep them cool. 

They drove for most of the two days and I tried my best to blow my air conditioner extra cool for them.  

The father in my family is a diabetic and the heat really bothers him.  The mother in my family has asthma and other health conditions and she needs to stay cool, too.  The oldest daughter in the family has a heart condition and cannot get too hot.

So, off we go, my people, three cats, and a dog.  I kept them cool the whole time.  Then, they had to come out to Texas.  The first time was for a visit and the second time was to move here.  On my second trip, my air conditioner started acting up.  I did the best I could to keep it going, but sometimes I let it slip up.

Then came Hurricane Rita.  My family was forced to evacuate.  I took them all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma because that was the only place that would allow a large family to stay with a dog and now four cats.  

I even took them to Coffeeville, Kansas to see where the Daltons were gunned down.

I got them back safely though.  As the years went by, I was showing my age, but I kept going.  

Finally, their mechanic told them that he could not guarantee he could keep me going, so the family bought a new car.  They kept me and vowed they would someday get me back in service.  They tried to come up with the money.

Today, a policeman showed up and plastered a sticker on me that said my family had to get rid of me or start paying $200 per day.

You would think that the City of Wharton, Texas could spell.  The sticker proves otherwise.  The sticker is full of grammatical errors and at least one misspelling. 

What exactly is an ordance? The brother said they probably mean ordinance but they are too ignorant to know the difference. 

The officer even put the wrong date on the sticker.  Today is May 09, 2013, but he wrote May 8, 2013.  I think he did that on purpose so that the family had one less day to find me a new home.

A nice man from 9 Lives Towing bought me.  He is going to try to get me going again, but if he cannot he will have to sell me for parts.  He paid my family $250 for me.

The daughter said that I was saving them again.  You see, the father is unable to work due to a problem with his foot and the mother has to stay home to take care of him and drive the kids back and forth to college. 

I will miss my family and they will miss me.  I am the Lifeboat.  Please pray for my family.

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