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Monday, January 13, 2014

My Favorite Picture

The above picture is one of my favorite pictures of Suzanne and I.  This picture was taken just a few weeks before she and I were married way back in 1984. That is right, this year we will have been married 30 years.
Suz and I have been a team for a long time.  She knows what I am going to do before I know I am going to do it.  We spend most of our time together now.  We have our own company advising small businesses.  She and I have written several poems together and a book or two.

When this picture was taken, we had the whole world ahead of us.  Who could have told us that our entire lives would change in less than three years and those carefree days of youth would be over?

Since that time, Suzanne has been my source of strength and support.  She has also been my moral compass.  I sometimes remember a line in Gone With The Wind, one of our favorite movies. I think it is Mrs. Mead that says "If Melanie says it's alright, tis alright."  If Suz says it is alright,  tis alright.

I have seen this shy little girl take on Duke Power and win.  I have seen this girl face some major obstacles and beat them all.   With her help, I am getting my strength back and will someday be able to walk without a cane.

Share your photos with us and let us know why that picture is important to you.

Thanks for sharing.

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