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Sunday, January 12, 2014

VistaPrints Paid Advertisement

When we at McClendon Enterprises need a printer, we use VistaPrints.  We got started with them by taking them up on their offer of 250 free business cards.  Designing the cards was fun and easy.  All we had to do was choose a design and type in our information.  We get a lot of great feedback on our cards.  We hand them out like candy to anyone we talk to.  The cards were free, but we had to pay for shipping and handling.  We took them up on their offer of 250 more cards for a little extra money.

One of the great things about VistaPrints is that it is a one-stop marketing source.  We can get door hangers, yard signs, coffee mugs, and much more from VistaPrints all at reasonable prices.   By utilizing one printer for all our needs, we are able to maintain a consistent look and feel to all of our marketing efforts.  We can create yard signs, door hangers, magnetic signs, and more all that have the same design.  This helps us to reinforce our brand wherever we go. All successful small business owners know that if you are not sending the right marketing message to the correct audience, you are losing business.

The best investment we ever made in our business was a set of magnetic signs for our car.  These signs turn our little Zoomie into a rolling billboard.  Whenever we are stuck in traffic, we are promoting our business.  There have been many times we have been shopping at the local big box store and have had people approach us about our business because of our magnetic car signs. When they approach, we take out one of our business cards and give it to them.  Your can have your business cards match your car signs. Could there possibly be a better way to market your business than by using VistaPrints?  We do not think so.

If you are looking for fast, professional, affordable printing, you should try VistaPrints.  Follow one of our links and get started promoting your business today.

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