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Thursday, July 17, 2014

RedneckPony comes out of the basement.

I guess I was one of those Basement Bronies that was talked about on the radio.  I am not like many of the Bronies you may hear talking about My Little Pony (also known as MLP).  I do not know the names of any of the voice talent.  I could not list more than a few titles of some episodes.  But, after listening to Michael Berry, I am convinced that I must become a Brony.

I have decided this because if a person like Berry is against them there has to be something great about them.  I probably qualify for an entry-level position for membership in the Bronies.  I have seen all the episodes of the show.  I have only seen a little of the fan-fic that is out there.  I have heard a few of the songs.

I like the song Discord.  My kids send me songs all the time and I listen to them.  I am not really a fan of electronica music, but some of it is really cool.

So, now that I am a Brony am I 20% cooler?

Most of the Bronies have handles or screen names like The Living Tombstone, Select Few, OmniPony, Odyssey, BlackGryph0n, WoefulWriters, Princess Spartana, SabarSpark, and many more.  Please forgive me if I missed one of you.  There are millions of you (or more) and I am new to this.

I do not know how to get a Brony name but if the name RedneckPony is available, I would like that one.
The pony I most identify with is Hayseed Turnip Truck.  I am a big redneck with a good heart.  If I were to cosplay Hayseed Turnip Truck, I suppose I would need to wear a green tutu.  Got to give the haters more to hate, right?

Now, if you guys have accepted me, and I have no reason to believe that you will not, let’s talk about this off-the-wall “news” radio host Michael Berry.

In the movie Karate Kid, Mr. Miyagi challenges the Sensei of the bully dojo to a match.  He tells the Sensei he will not fight at the Cobra Dojo because there is too much advantage, his dojo.  The same thing is true if we fight Michael by calling in to his show or making comments on his page or sending him e-mails.
All we are doing is playing into his hand and giving him something more than vending machines to talk about.

Michael claims to be a conservative.  However, he acts just like the mainstream media.  When he does not have a valid argument, he makes fun of his opponent.

Back when my favorite president was in office, Ronald Reagan, the mainstream media did not have a valid point to argue when it came to Reagan’s trickledown theory of economics.  This was called Reaganomics. I remember an episode of Murphy Brown where there was a line that said, “Reaganomics, a joke.”  They never bothered to explain why they thought trickledown or supply-side economics was a bad idea.  All they could do was make jokes about it.

The mainstream media could not find real problems with Dan Quayle, so they made things up.  Why provide facts when you can make them up?  This seems to be the case with Mr. Berry.

I understand that Berry read some of my e-mail on the air.  I understand he read it in a mocking tone.  This is GREAT.  If he is picking on me, he is leaving the other Bronies alone.
Seriously, is there not some important news out there?  I had never heard of Michael Berry or his radio station until he attacked the Bronies.

Clear Channel owns the station for which Berry works.  They must not think too much of him because he is relegated to a small, virtually unheard of AM radio station.  If Clear Channel thought he was worth listening to, they would put him on an FM station with a thousand foot tower and one hundred thousand watts of power.

Clear Channel owns over 1,200 radio stations around the country.  They also own billboards all over the country.  We Bronies have the power.  There are a lot of us (in 2012 the fandom was estimated to be 7-12.4 million).  First, we should put the shareholders of Clear Channel on notice that we are coming for you.

In the movie Trading Places, Eddie Murphy’s character Billy-Ray Valentine says, “The best way to get even with rich people is to turn them into poor people.”  Well, Clear Channel investors need to learn that lesson.

Advertisers, if you advertise on any Clear Channel Communications station you may wish to pull that advertising before boycotts begin.  If you advertise on any Clear Channel billboard, you may wish to rethink that as well.  Stockholders of Clear Channel, you may wish to dump your stock now.  You will be losing your investment soon.

According to Joe Girard, the Guinness World Book of Records proclaimed best salesman in the world, every person influences the buying decisions of approximately 250 other people. Conservatively speaking, Clear Channel could potentially lose 7 million times 250 listeners which would mean 1.75 billion fewer listeners. Can you lose that many of us?

Bronies, almost all billboards are regulated by some government agency.  Now is a good time to speak up to your zoning officials and lodge a complaint against any and all Clear Channel billboards.

I met Ron Paul at a Tea Party meeting once.  Yes, I am one of those.  He seemed like an intelligent guy.  But, how can I take him seriously if he advertises on the Michael Berry show?

Why all the hate, people?  What is wrong with a group of young people enjoying the celebration of a morality-based cartoon?  It appears that these media outlets have nothing to say and hours to say it.  Let’s vote with our advertising dollars.

Some of these people only understand a bro hoof to the muzzle.  Maybe that is what we need to do.

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