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Saturday, August 1, 2015

What is a Sister?

Earlier, our daughter shared the embedded video with Suzanne and me.  It made me think.  Julia is acting very much like a typical sister.   So, what is a sister, you might ask.  In my case, a sister is the kind of person who will torment you unmercifully.  She will take every opportunity to put you down. She will ridicule you, make fun of you, pick on you, and physically hurt you in more ways than one could ever imagine.

When someone else comes along and says unkind things to you, she is there like a badger protecting her den.

When I was actually dying on the way back from a beach trip, she stood her ground and refused to budge when the church group wanted to put me back on a slow bus that kept breaking down.

When the neighborhood bullies came along and did unkind things, she was there with a can of whoop (censored) that was so epic people are still talking about it.

A sister will ignore you when you talk; I doubt my sister ever really heard anything I said to her.  But, she has listened with her heart.  Once when she was away at college, I wrote her a letter on a first grader tablet and she laughed off and on for days over it.  And she told me so.  When one of her friends was trying to put me down, she told her to back off.  Her friend did not say anything nearly as bad as what my sister had said, but then again, I am HER brother.

My sister recently observed the twenty-sixth anniversary of the twenty-ninth year of her birth. We don't talk much to one another anymore but, still, we have the memories.

Thanks, big sister, for all the good times and knuckle sandwiches.

Here is the video that made me think of my big sister. It is Julia standing up for Suzanne.  My sister did similar things like this for me.

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