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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The life-changing magic of tidying up the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing

Book Review

marie kondo

This is not the kind of book this old redneck would ordinarily read.  However, I was browsing our Amazon affiliate reports and found that this book is the number one book purchased by our readers. 

Furthermore, this is the number one book recommended to our blog
readers by Amazon based on their prior purchases and views.

The author of this book, Marie Kondo, has spent her entire life, at least from the time she was five, studying the art of tidying the house.  We see so much about minimalist living and tiny house living that it seems everyone has an idea about how to go about reducing the amount of clutter in one’s life. Ms. Kondo has a very no-nonsense approach that she teaches in the book regarding decluttering your living space beyond anything else I have read before.

I believe very much a good bit of what is taught in this book.  For instance, I have noticed that when our house is neat and clean, our finances are better off.

Ms. Kondo speaks as if she believes that homes have spirits or feelings.  My family and I have felt this very much in houses we have lived as well as houses we have tried to purchase in the past. Sometimes it appears that a house just loves you.

Many people experience this with a car.  After a while, they become one with the car when they are driving it.  My wife, Suzanne, feels very much at one with our car we call Zoomie.  Years ago, I felt this way about a car I called Bird-2.  It was as if the car could read my mind. 

This book is a good light read with a good deal of insight.  Grab a copy online at Amazon or borrow it free from your local library.

FTC required notice:  This blog author has no affiliation what-so-ever with the author of this book.  We purchased the hardback copy from Amazon at the regular Amazon price.  This author was in no way influenced or encouraged to write a positive review.

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