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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Carl The Friendly Ghost

Carl the Friendly Ghost

My Grandmother, Ruby, told us a story of back when my father was a young man. Evidently my father was late coming home from wherever he had gone and Grandma decided to play a little trick
on him.

She dressed my Uncle Carl up in a sheet and waited to hear R. B. coming up the front walk. She lowered Carl out the side window and told him to go up front and yell “Boo.” 

Carl obeyed his mother and from the shadows of the side of the house yelled as loud as he could “Boo.” R. B. Could hear the boo and see the porch light faintly illuminating the figure of a ghost just off the front porch.

R. B. took off running back up the front walk to the neighbor’s house where he beat on the door crying and yelling and begging to be let in. Carl chased after him the whole way yelling “Boo.” My grandmother laughed so hard she cried as did Carl and the neighbors. The only one not laughing was the little boy who missed his curfew.

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