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Monday, November 9, 2015

Rosenberg Railroad Musuem

If you look very hard in most communities, you can find entertainment that is both educational and fun.  Sometimes you can find educational things that are free. In many communities, you can find great places that are fun, educational, and entertaining for very little cost.

Today we will talk about one of those places in Rosenberg, Texas.  I am speaking of the Rosenberg Railroad Museum.

The Rosenberg Railroad Museum is located at 

1921 Avenue F, 
Rosenberg, Texas. 

Admission for adults is only $5.  Seniors (55+) are admitted for only $4. Kids 2 to 14 years of age get in for only $3.  Your really young ones, two years old and younger, get in free.

The cutest thing was that we were greeted by the museum’s guard chicken.  She met us at the gate when we came in and was there to say goodbye when we left.  She also escorted us part of the way around the building while we were looking for the entrance.

Jordan greeted my wife and me.  He was our tour guide.  Jordan sat us down in a small, comfortable theater and played a short, only eight minutes long, video that told us about the history of railroading in the area.

After the video, we were able to take a self-guided tour inside the museum. The museum was built to resemble an old train depot; I do not recall which depot specifically.

During this self-guided tour, we saw old phones, typewriters, telegraph machines and more.  There were countless artifacts from days gone by.  One could spend over an hour looking at all the signs and other items inside this part of the tour.

As active trains pass by the museum, they blow their horns to signal their approach to the crossing nearby.  It is almost as if they are honoring the museum with each toot.  This is a very fun part of the visit.

Once we completed looking at everything inside the museum, Jordan took us out to an old caboose. 
He told us how Fred and Wilma are part of railroading today. Sorry folks, I won’t spoil this for you. You will have to take the tour yourselves.

After the caboose, Jordan showed us a working crossing signal from long ago.  He then took us into the bottom floor of the switching tower.  This room was part of the control system for the railroad and was the last working control tower in Texas.

Upstairs at the tower, Jordan showed us how trains are controlled today and how they were switched years ago.  Gone are the days when conductors and brakemen have to hop off a moving train and throw switches.  Today, all of that is controlled by computers using a very sophisticated monitoring system.

Our tour ended with the old business coach named the Quebec.  This old coach once held then Senator McKinley who later became president.  This was the way that top executives of the railroad traveled with private bedrooms, private dining, and a private sitting room.

If you find yourself in Fort Bend County, Texas, and you are looking for a fun, inexpensive way to spend an afternoon, stop by the Rosenberg Railroad Museum.  You will be glad you did.

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