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Monday, March 7, 2016

Great book! Good clean entertainment.

Call Me Luciano

As writers of a blog that routinely reviews books and other products, we are constantly asked to review many types of books and products.  We are often given the book or product to review and, in order to comply with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules, we are required to give a disclaimer.

This time is different.  We actually bought the book.  In fact, we bought two copies of the Call Me Luciano

Currently, we have 50,437 books we have been given with the hopes we will review them.  Normally I do not read fiction, much less review them.  So, why is this book different and why am I telling you all of this?

My good friend Wendell contacted my wife Suzanne and suggested that she read this book.  Suzanne, who often screens these things for me, asked me to clear the decks and read this book.  She told me Wendell recommended this book.  So, we cleared the decks and ordered the book.
I was not disappointed.  As I said, I do not normally review fiction.  That being said, I am concerned about spoilers.  There is no problem with spoilers in non-fiction because the information contained in non-fiction is readily available elsewhere.  In an effort to prevent spoilers, I will keep commentary about the story brief.

The best thing about this book is it is written by a Christian and she keeps the book clean.  There is not one single curse word in the book.  This brilliant young author proves that it is still possible to entertain the audience without resorting to sex and profanity.  This is a great book.

Have you ever read a book that you had to slow down while reading because it was very entertaining and you wanted to savor the book?  You know that book that you hate to see end because the characters became your friends and maybe even your heroes?  This is that sort of book.

I suspect that Wendell liked this book so much because it appears that one of the main characters is very much like him.  This book is funny.  There are parts where it is very funny.  The interaction between the two main characters draws the reader into the book and holds their interest.

The book is full of excitement and adventure.  This is a lot to expect from a book, but this book does deliver.  I suggest you purchase a copy of this book.  In fact, if you plan to tell other people about it while you are reading it, you may want to purchase two copies.  I believe your copy will disappear before you get to finish it because others will be so interested in what you have to say about the book they will take your copy.

Well written, wonderful, clean entertainment.  This would be a great book to assign as reading to junior high and high school or homeschool students.  They will love it, but adults will love it even more.

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