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Friday, April 15, 2016

Handcuff Your Kid

I am very keen on watching the numbers on the videos I upload.  I try to see what people are watching and try to find out why.  I want to repeat the successes and learn from the failures.  The video entitled Handcuff Your Kid is getting lots of views.  I thought I would re-post it for readers who have missed it. We have shortened the video to make it even better for you. 

Handcuff Your Kids

When our children were growing up, we would give them money for their birthdays.  It was something they looked forward to.

One year, our youngest son, Davey, used his birthday money to purchase a pair of toy handcuffs.  These were not your typical toy handcuffs.  They were called “Real Police Handcuffs” and they were made out of a combination of metal and plastic.

One day, Davey had Jared, his older brother, handcuff him.  Jared managed to put the handcuffs on Davey in such a way that the key would not work to unlock the handcuffs.  He was stuck.

Being the kind big brother that Jared was, he told Davey “Dad will probably have to cut your hand off to get them off.”

Jared brought Davey in to the den where my child-bride, Suzanne, and I were sitting and I took a quick look.

I asked Jared to go get my hacksaw and Davey burst into tears.  Davey thought that I was going to do as Jared had suggested and cut off his hand.

Suzanne and I comforted Davey and I assessed exactly how to remove the handcuffs.

There was a little room between Davey’s wrist and the handcuff, so I took the blade off the hacksaw and inserted it into the gap between his wrist and the handcuff with the teeth facing away from Davey’s wrist and towards the handcuffs.

After what seemed like forever, I was able to cut through the handcuff.  Davey was free and ever since we have avoided purchasing this type of toy again, until now.

Suzanne and I were at a convenience store owned by our friend, Anwar.  We decided to purchase a set of the handcuffs to use as a prop for the accompanying blog post.

When we were checking out, Anwar looked first at me and then at Suzanne and blushed and said, “You don’t have the leetle keeds.”  We wonder what was going through his mind.

People, be careful when you give toys like this to children.  They can be hazardous.

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