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Thursday, May 5, 2016

ArtToFrames Artwork Framing A Product Review


Two words come to mind when I think about this product and the shipping.  The first word is Craftsmanship.  That’s right, this framed canvas print is the result of superior craftsmanship.

The product is flawless.  There are no bubbles or ripples in the canvas.  The hanger is mounted securely one the back so that your art won’t go anywhere once you hang it.

This image was printed on what appears to be high-quality canvas.  We chose an abstract  image my wife Suzanne had taken.  The image is a photograph of a lantana.
The quality is great.

The second word I would use is, FAST.  You know how when in the old Roadrunner cartoons Wily Coyote orders things from Acme.  He drops the order in the mailbox and taps his foot a few times and then the mail truck pulls up with the delivery?  Well, this was faster.

I have to tell you that ArtToFrames  gave us this print for two dollars.  We used some Amazon shopping points we had accumulated by using our Amazon Chase Visa card to shop online.  The end result was that we paid nothing for this print.

We were asked to give our unbiased opinion of the print in exchange for receiving the print for only$2.

Here is the bottom line.  We most likely will order more framed prints from ArtToFrames
in the future.  The regular prices are reasonable.  The quality is amazing and the customer service is excellent.

Order your print today.

Please e-mail us at: David E. McClendon, Sr.

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