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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

EcoGear FX Flashlight Product ReviewEM 70

Ecogear FX Flashlight

Hanging From Hood
One thing you learn when you live in Gulf Coast Texas is that you never go outside without a flashlight, day, evening, night, you always need one.  The reason for this is snakes.  They like to hide all kinds of places.  Coral snakes love flower pots.

This Ecogear FX Flashlight normally sells for $19.99.   We received this flashlight for only $2.99 with the understanding that in exchange we would give our honest opinion of the flashlight.  We were given a coupon code for $17.00 off the purchase price of the flashlight.

We coupled that coupon code with shopping points received from our Amazon Chase Rewards Visa card so we got it for absolutely nothing.  This was a great deal. We have Amazon Prime, so we pay no shipping charges. 

Light From Light

The flashlight is brighter than our conventional flashlight by a great margin.  It uses three AAA batteries which were not included with the flashlight.

The Ecogear FX light has three different modes.  You press the on switch once and it works as a conventional flashlight.  When you press it a second time, it lights up to be a hands-free work light.  When pushing it a third time, red LEDs flash as an emergency beacon.

The flashlight also has a pretty strong magnet in its base so that you can mount it to the underside of a car hood for working on your engine if needed.

The light is super bright and it is lightweight.  It appears to be a great bargain at only $19.99 plus tax.  We look forward to using this flashlight all the time.

Update on Our Review

Back in June of this year (2016), we reviewed the EcoGear FX Emergency Vehicle Flashlight EM-70.

We were very pleased with the light it provided at that time.  However, over the past few months, it developed what we call a “sweet spot.”  It got to where there was one particular way the battery compartment cap had to be twisted in order to keep the light on.

Just the other day (this is written 4 December 2016), the switch jammed in the on position for the main light.  We could not access the work light nor could we access the emergency light and we could not turn it off.

Attempts to turn the light off ended in the rubber covering over the switch falling off and now the light no longer works.

Hanging From Hood
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