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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Throwback Thursday 30 June 2016 Papa Bruce and Dobbins Air Force Base AOM Award

Papa Bruce and Awards

Throwback Thursday 30 June 2016

This post was inspired by Throwback Thursday.  This is a meme where bloggers can share anything from their past, photos, stories, poems, whatever. Come and join us.

It really did not matter what the contest was about, Papa Bruce loved to compete.  He had to be number one, no matter what.  His younger brother, Carl, was the same way.

Papa Bruce would enter contests, in his own words, “Even if the prize were a pint of pee-pee.”  He loved to compete.

I have in my possession newspaper articles from The Dobbins Flyer reporting that Papa received the Airman of the Month (AOM) award.

There is no doubt that Papa was a competitor. Seeing these makes me wonder why he did not get a higher rank.


  1. Sounds like my sister...one of the fiercest competitors that I have ever known :)

    1. Yes, he was always competing. It did not matter what the prize. The easiest way to get him to do something was to tell him he could not. See: http://random-thoughts-observations.blogspot.com/search?q=television

  2. It is nice that you still have that newsclipping.

    1. Thank you. My Aunt sent that to me a while back. It is nice to see. Thanks for commenting.


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