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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

August Happiness Challenge 05 August 2016

August Happiness Challenge

05 August 2016

Well, welcome back to our August Happiness Challenge.  In this meme, we get to tell each day what makes us happy.

By now, you have probably noticed that I include a video in most of my posts.  The reason for that is making these videos makes me happy.  Right now, we are sort of on a hiatus from actually recording them.  It is just too darn hot.  We have to turn off the air conditioning in the studio when we record.  Otherwise, you will hear a load roaring noise in the video.  That can be very distracting. 

It can reach 120 or so in the studio very quickly this time of the year. So, for now, we are working on writing more stories and getting the animations ready.

As anyone who really knows me knows, I am a ham.  I really enjoy the recording process of the videos.

Robert Bruce McClendon, Sr. 
In these videos, I tell good, clean stories that have been passed down to me by generations of story tellers.  We simply take stories and/or jokes and record them so that future generations will have them.

I also am recording some of the adventures I had as a younger person.  And, there are stories my father, mother, and grandmother told me when I was younger. I want to get them recorded so that when I get to be with Heavenly Father, the stories will carry on.

The video today is a follow up on the video I included yesterday.  Together you can see how honesty and integrity were rewarded.  I hope you are watching. 

See you again tomorrow.

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