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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday 9 for 30 July 2016

... Because Eloquent Obi suggested Bob Marley. Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In Jamaica, "jamming" means to celebrate. What's going on in your life today that's worth celebrating?

Well, it is not a MAJOR celebration.  I am sure most people reading this passed this point a long time ago, but yesterday was the first time EVER this blog has had over 300 page views.  For me, that is awesome.
Next Saturday, 06 August, we get to get our baby daughter (21) off the island and spend a few weeks with her before we have to take her back to school on the island.

2) The group that became famous as "The Wailers" originally called themselves "The Teenagers." What was trendy when you were a teenager (clothes, music, etc.)? 

I wasn’t exactly what one would call a trendy teen.  For us, the trend was
pickup trucks or clunker cars and fishing poles.  In bigger places, everyone was wearing parachute pants.  All the guys were getting afros and then were subjected to unrelenting scorn by the old guys.

Back then, I was into C. B. radios and learning about first aid and becoming an EMT.  The music was from movies like Grease, Xanadu, Saturday Night Fever, and Urban Cowboy.

Just after I went off to college and I was still working in rescue squads, we would have to rescue scores of people who had injured themselves on mechanical bulls (Urban Cowboys and Dudes), as well as those who had seizures due to strobe lights.

3) Bunny Wailer and Bob Marley were very close.  In addition to being bandmates, they were friends in elementary school and later became family (Bunny's dad and Bob's mom had a daughter together). Who has known you the longest?

Well, I am not in contact with any of my elementary school friends.  I have several friends from high school that I still hear from time to time.  Suzanne and I met during my senior year (her freshman year) at high school. She has known me since then. 

Other than family who have known me since birth, I would have to say that I have lost contact with almost everyone who has known me longer than my beautiful child-bride Suzanne.

4) Does the person you named in #3, the one who's known you longest, know you best?

Suzanne definitely knows me better than anyone on this planet, or any other for that matter. If you listen to Mac Davis’ song Bestest Friend, that would be Suzanne.

5) Bandmate Peter Tosh became an avid unicycle rider. What's your favorite form of exercise? 

Back before I had to have my great toe amputated, I was running on the treadmill up to ten miles a day, one mile at a time.  I was only doing 4 miles
per hour which is only a little faster than I walked back then.

Now, after the amputation, foot ulcers, and three strokes, my exercise consists of lifting some very light dumbells and squeezing on the hand exercisers.

I was kicked out of the hospital because the doctor made the mistake of telling this redneck to squeeze his hands as hard as I could.  He said, “Don’t hold back”.  He had another doctor discharge me and he hasn’t spoken to me since.  If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.
NEVER ask a redneck to squeeze your hand as hard as he can!

6) Bob Marley was known for his signature dreadlocks. When were you last in a stylist’s chair?

When I was in high school, I had a stylist style my hair.  I have not had my hair styled since I did for our wedding in 1984.

If you see my videos, you will know that I haven’t been in a stylist’s shop in years.  Several years back, I had a very good friend, named “Mr. Vic.”

Mr. Vic had been a well-known and well-respected barber in this town for many years.  He sold his shop and retired.  Then, he went back to work in his old shop working on commission only, really just to get out of the house.

I always went in and waited for Mr. Vic., who was probably in his early 80s.  He had to sit on a stool to cut hair, but he did it. His hands would shake while trying to clip my hair, but he did it.

One day, he gave me a haircut and the next week he came into the store where Suzanne and I were working and looked at my hair.  He exclaimed, very surprised, “Who cut your hair?”  I responded, “You did.”  He said, "I'm sorry" and quit right then and there. 

Since that time, I have been back to the barber one time. It isn’t the same and I just don’t feel right going back.  Mr. Vic. died shortly after he gave me that haircut.

7) Marley's charisma is credited for popularizing reggae music the world over. Are you a fan? 

I do like the steel drums and the island sound.  But, I don’t listen to much music. The music that I do listen to is mostly Southern Gospel. I have friends from Trinidad and Tobago who like his music.

8) Mr. Marley is one of the highest-earning dead celebrities, and manufacturers pay his estate to use his likeness to sell their merchandise. What dead celebrity have you seen recently on a t-shirt, mug, poster, etc.?

I am not an observant person.  I think probably the last one would be Elvis.  I really don’t remember seeing anyone else like that.  Around here, the trend is to put images of deceased relatives with their dash information on shirts.  Because of that, any celebrity other than Elvis would blend in.

9) Random question: Have you ever had your palm read?

Let’s see.  I used to have to paint the rent houses every summer.  We painted all but one of them yellow every year.  So, most of the time, my palm, and every other part of my body, would be yellow.  The only other house we painted was blue.  So, sometimes my palm was blue. 

We never painted any barns, so we never painted anything red.  I would have to say, no.  I have never had my palm red or read.

There used to be a lady who advertised on the AM radio back home who did that sort of thing.  But, I never had that done, other than as kids, we goofed around like we were.

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  1. Congrats on 300 page views! That IS awesome!

    I love that you still see her as your child bride.

    1. Thank you. When we found one another, she was just a child of 14. Thanks for the comment and the visit.

  2. 300 is awesome! Congrats to you. It was hard for me to say goodbye to my baby but, she is still close by to me and she can now clean up after herself :)

    1. Thank you. It seems that I miss my kids more when they come home for a visit than I do when they are actually gone.

  3. Very fun celebration of 300 views!!

  4. Nice to learn more about you. That is great that you will have some time with your daughter. I like your answer to palms being read :)

    1. Thank you. This, too, stems from an old visual joke. Foghorn Leghorn asked Dog if he would like to have his palm red. Dog says yes so, Foghorn Leghorn takes out a big paint brush with red paint on it and paint's Dog's palm red. I have no original ideas.


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