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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Crunching The Numbers

Crunching the Numbers

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a numbers kind of guy.  In fact, there are at least three calculators within arm’s reach of me right now. I watch the analytics for our blogs and especially on the videos. The stats from the blogs are interesting, but what is the most interesting are the stats from the videos.

We often hear from people that say they no longer watch the news because it is all bad news.  We don’t watch the news either because of the same thing.  We try to make all of our videos good and positive.  However, there are a few that report negative things and they get more views by far than the others.

Our top watched video is Differentiation Vitality Curve, talk about a mouth full.  I produced this video as part of the Redneck MBA course where I attempt to put business-related terms in a way so simple that even a redneck could understand it.  This concept is based on the Pareto Principle.  The bad news in this is that 10% of the employees lose their job every year.

Following that video comes My Years With General Motors, which has been very popular and is not a negative message.  There is also a very popular book review about How to Start and Build a Six-Figure Voiceover Business.

Where it gets interesting is the next most popular videos all have titles that sound bad, some of which are bad. We have: The Colorado River Flood, which is bad.  Then, there is Traffic Accident in Wharton County, which is about a traffic accident we saw the end of. 

While we were waiting for the emergency people to show up, I took out the camera.  We had been on our way to shoot our Merry Christmas Video when the accident occurred.

Then, the two most popular videos over the last 28 days are really the same video. Handcuff Your Kids is by far the most watched video over the last 28 days.  The remake of that video, with a shorter introduction and shorter end credits, McClendon Studios Presents: Handcuff Your Kids  comes in at a very close second.

The Handcuff Your Kids video is actually about a situation where I had to cut our youngest son, now a Marine, out of a set of toy handcuffs.  

The thing is there are so many videos that are funny or at least positive that you can watch. Some are: Bowling Man, Contest, CPR Classes at the American Red CrossFlag Cake, Most Useful Kitchen Utensil, Mr. Henry and Cars, My First Trailer   Our Wedding, Papa’s Proposal, Parable of the Hot Dog Vendor, Purple Vermont, R. C. Cola, Shine Your Shoe Mister, and, What You Sell Today Determines What Your Family Eats Tonight. And, of course, you absolutely must watch The Sisterhood.

There are the EMT stories that are about bad events, but with some positive outcomes like, Meals on Wheels Truck, My First Night In Spartanburg, and The Big Splinter.

Of course, there are many others I might have missed. The point is, there is so much good in the world and we are overlooking it.  Have a great day.

Oh, by-the-way, I have realized if I want to hide something from my kids, I should talk about it in a blog or make a video about it.  It is guaranteed they will never see it. 

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