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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One Word Photo Challenge: Child

One Word Photo Challenge: Child

This week’s one word photo challenge is simply, “Child”. How does one decide?  There are so many great photos around here of our great, lovely children. 

This stumped me for a few minutes.  Then I realized, one of our children, who has now passed away, was not a humany child.  He was a furry child.

Xerxes was our empty nest baby.  My child-bride Suzanne and I actually made plans for our future that included him. Some people will never understand how a pet can be more than a pet, but be more like a child. 

Xerxes was that way for us.  We have four cats that live outside right now.  A few of them come inside from time to time, but they are outside cats and not children. 

We have had inside cats that were pets, but not children.   Sparta was a sweet little kitty we nicknamed ball moss.  He was about the size and color of a clump of dried ball moss.  Still, he was more a pet than a child.

Xerxes was that once-in-a-lifetime kind of animal that you just can’t think of as “just a pet.”

We miss you, Xerxes.

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  1. Our pets have always been part of our family. They are awesome!

    1. At this point, we have two grqndoggers who live inside. We have four and a half cats who live outside.


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