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Friday, July 15, 2016

Please! Help Us Reach 1,000!

Please! Help Us Reach One Thousand!

Help you reach 1,000 what?  I am sure that is what you are asking yourself.  

 The Parable Of The Hot Dog Vendor
As you may have heard, we have had to change the way we make money around here.  In fact, since the three strokes everything has changed.  You are probably aware that you can purchase Avon from us through our Avon site.  And, at least for a little while longer, you can purchase items from our Etsy store.

However, we need to reach 1,000 subscribers on our YouTube Channel.   If we can reach 1,000 subscribers and maintain it, we will qualify for some additional help from YouTube. 

As you probably know, whenever someone watches an advertisement just before one of our videos, we receive a very small commission.  But, they will add up.   If we could get 1,000 active subscribers to our YouTube Channel, that is those who are subscribed and watch a video from time to time, YouTube will feature our videos and our ad revenues will increase.  

We are working hard to shorten the introductions and the end credits on our videos so that you can get right on in to the stories.

Our videos are clean, humorous stories about Southern life.  We will be uploading more as the days go by. 

Please give us a look.  And if you see any merit in our channel, please subscribe.  If you like a video, please indicate by clicking the like button. And if you don't like it, so indicate with the dislike button.  If you do dislike a video, please drop us a comment to tell us why so we can improve the channel.

Today, in honor of our angel baby Dorian’s 23rd birthday in heaven, we will be giving all of our books away free.  Please download and read these books.  We have had to change the way we make money here since I suffered three strokes back in May.   We no longer sell Avon door-to door, but you can still buy it on our website .  You can also help us by purchasing things from our Etsy store.

Special Notice

You can help us by downloading our books free.  Then, read them.  Every quarter, Amazon has a contest to determine which 100 authors in the United States have the most pages read.  If we make it into the top 100, we will share a part in a pool of money Amazon sets aside for the top 100 authors.

Please also give us feedback on our books and leave your honest review at Amazon.  We thank you.

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