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Monday, July 11, 2016

Special SomePony

Special SomePony

 David and his Special Somepony
In the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, there is an episode about Hearts and Hoofs Day which would be somewhat like Saint Valentine’s Day in the human world.

There is a group of three little girl ponies who call themselves the Cutie Mark Crusaders.  These three little ponies find out that their school teacher does not have a very special somepony for Hearts and Hoofs Day.  They set out to find her one.

A very special somepony is the person, or pony, who makes your heart skip a beat.  The one you could not imagine life without.  The one you put your arms around when times are down.

That special somepony is the one you seek to share your whole world with.  You like what your somepony likes because they like it.  You like who your somepony likes because they like them.

My child-bride Suzanne is my special somepony.  I thank God above for my special somepony.  Thank you, Suzanne, for all you do and all you are. Thank You, God, for my Child-Bride Suzanne, my somepony.

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