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Friday, July 29, 2016

Thanks to Amazon, No More Free Books!

We work hard to try to give our readers the best value we can.  We thought we had hit upon a win-win-win situation for all involved. We could give away our books on up to 20 days per year.  This would mean that our friends, relatives, and others could get to read our Kindle books at no charge.  

By downloading them and reading them, our followers would help us by getting us points in the pool that Amazon set aside for the top 100 authors, as measured by page count, each quarter. 

Well, this idea was working great for us. We gave away a ton of books. Well, not literately a ton because a digital file has no weight. But we did give away quite a few of them.  We even sold a few, too.  And therein lies the problem.

You see, we also are Amazon affiliates.  And, we supposedly make money from our site whenever anyone clicks on one of our links and makes a purchase.  And this is true in all cases, UNLESS you purchase a Kindle book.

Amazon has this crazy notion that if you give away 80% or more of the Kindle books that go through your links, then you should not receive ANY commission for Kindle books you sell in the Amazon program.  

Friends, we give away lots of books.  And, we always try to refer our visitors to the cheapest source

for books we can find.  This means that if there is a Kindle version that is offered free for a book that we recommend, then our links are going to point you to that. 

We NEED the income.  We are producing a good many clicks.  We get a few Adsense clicks and maybe someday that will pay off.  But we are selling Kindle books, and not getting paid for them.

Therefore, we will honor our commitment to give away our books on August 18.  We hope we give away thousands of them on that day.  

After that, all of our links will be pointed at books that actually cost money only.  We hope you understand.  

Folks, we still believe in giving everyone the best value we can.  99¢ is the lowest price Amazon will let us charge for the books.  

Help us reach 1,000 YouTube subscribers. Please watch some of our videos. If you like them, please subscribe. Also, please share our YouTube information with your friends. We thank you so much for all your help.


  1. That doesn't seem fair to you. I was an Amazon affiliate and one of my friends placed a big order through my site, but I never got paid for it, they claim she didn't order it correctly for me to get the credit.

    1. It seems like a very strange policy. If 100 people follow links from my site and 19 each buy a Kindle book that actually costs something but 81 get free Kindle books, I don't get paid a cent for any of the Kindle books. If I give away my books and people buy while they are there getting the free books, didn't Amazon profit? They have 0 cost for a Kindle book.


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