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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge Wednesday 27 July 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your summer so far? Why?
(1=eh and 10=best summer ever)

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If 1 means same-o same-o as in nothing spectacular, then 1 it is.  So far this SUMMER, nothing really bad has happened.  Our youngest daughter turned 21 early in the summer.  Our youngest son will be out on a ship starting on Suzanne’s birthday, which is a bummer. 

2. July 26th is National Aunts and Uncles Day. Did you have many aunts and uncles growing up? Were you especially close to any one or maybe all of them? Are you an aunt? (or uncle for the men who join here on Wednesdays) Share a favorite memory relating to one of your own aunts or uncles or relating to a niece or nephew who call you Aunt (or Uncle).

July 26 is also my sister’s birthday.  Hello, sister. 

July 26 is also my sister’s birthday.  Hello, sister.  One of the safest ways to
ensure that my family, other than my child-bride Suzanne, will never see something is to put it in my blog.

I have one aunt who lived past infancy on my father’s side. I also have one uncle on my father’s side.  Both of those married, so I have a married in aunt and uncle on my father’s side.  One my mother’s side, I have one uncle and his wife, who would also be my aunt.
Up until the time I was 12 years old, we kind of only saw any of these every once in a while.  My relatives on my mother’s side all lived in Texas, so we saw them once every year or two.

When I turned 12, things changed on my father’s side.  We bought a Western Auto Store and we saw much more of my fathers’ brother, Uncle Carl  He would work at the store on the weekend, more for fun than for getting paid. We had a great time together.  He was a great guy.
When I was living in Spartanburg, he would stop by to see me when he passed through.

About the time I was a junior in high school, my father built a house for his mother, my Granny-for-Short, in our back yard.  Then, I saw much more of my grandmother and my father’s sister, my aunt Gloria. 

Having a family business brought my growing up family much closer.  The store was like our house only people came to visit us and took our stuff with them.  They were so happy we did not get mad at them for taking our stuff, they gave us money.  It really was like one big family, us and the community.  When I get around to recording Snuffy’s Army, you will see how this community banded together when the chips were down. 

3. What's your favorite food dipped in chocolate? What's your favorite food dipped in cheese?

I like the Dairy Queen ice cream cones dipped in chocolate.  I also like to take Ritz Crackers and either put a piece of Hershey’s Chocolate on them or dip them in white chocolate.  I don’t dip anything in cheese that I can remember right now.  I do love to take Ritz Crackers and summer sausage along with a chunk of cheddar cheese and eat that.  I also love to take cheddar cheese and melt it on a plate in the microwave.  And, I love me some cheese puffs.

4. When were you last astonished by something?  Explain.

Our children are very intelligent.  Not a day goes by when one of them doesn’t do something astonishing.  If I had to choose one thing out of all the many things I see that are astonishing and amazing, I would have to go with Purrseidon the swimming, surfing cat. 

5. Surf board, paddle board, ironing board, Pinterest board, score board, clip board, bulletin board...which board have you most recently encountered? 

Well, let’s see.  I Pinterest every post I make. I guess that is the one.  The last scoreboard I encountered was the one I made for The Contest Video.  It did not ask about story boards, which are a big part of my life and the lives of my two daughters, especially the youngest.  I have countless storyboards here on my desk.  Some are simple timing sheets and others are a little more complex.

6. What's your favorite story from scripture?  Why that story?

There are so many great ones.  If I had to choose only one, it would be the story of the crippled man who was brought to Jesus to be healed.  There was no way to get to Jesus through the crowd, so they dug through the roof and lowered him down.  The why to this story is because of the song  , My Name is Lazarus.  In this song, we are told of an exchange that might have taken place between the four men.  If you can listen to this uninterrupted the first time, the power of the song is overwhelming

7. If you were to travel from the east coast to the west coast in your own country, which five cities would you most want to see?

Can I choose none?  I’d rather stay away from cities if I can.  I would like to visit ghost towns and small towns that have interesting museums and sites that can be seen without fighting a crowd.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

It amazes me about how impatient people have become over the last few years.  People will abandon shopping carts in a store if they see more than two people in line to checkout.  People will not read an article if it is more than 500 words long.  Very few people will watch a video if it goes longer than a minute. 

When timing animations for videos, I realize that five seconds can be an incredibly long time.  This being said, when Suzanne and I were working and managing a convenience store, we heard constant complaints from people who did not want to come into the store if the television wasn't going to be on.  As I said before, I watch the numbers.  These people would be in and out of the store in less than five minutes.  The longest time in line and checkout, according to the computer, would be almost a minute.  Really, people, can you not go five minutes without a television?

See you again next week.

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  1. Interesting post. I must admit that I'm not great at watching video clips because it can get time consuming and long articles need to catch my interest early but I can survive without the TV and I'm pretty good at persevering with books. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    1. One time we called to report a wreck. It seemed like hours before anyone showed up. Later, when checking the call timings, I discovered that what seemed like an hour was in fact only four minutes. Five seconds, when watching a video, can seem like a very long time. I think we live our lives in high speed now.

  2. I just read an interesting article in Relevant (online) about why Christians need to be more patient. I might have to indulge in a chocolate dipped cone this week. There's a DQ not far enough : ) from our apt.

    1. We have a DQ about 3 miles away from us. We also have a Sonic that is within site of that. If we had the money to do so, we would be at one or both places all the time.

  3. I also admit that I don't want many video posts because I could get consumed with them. Your observations are very interesting and I know we are very impatient people. I know the Lord is working with me on that because no matter where I go, somehow what I think is the shortest line turns out to be the longest wait. I pray. I look around. I think about how He is helping me to be patient! ;-)

    1. Just never pray for patience. The Good Lord likes to teach us patience by putting us in more difficult situations.

  4. Haha...five minutes without TV...I agree, what is the world becoming. Cheers!
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

    1. There are people here that watch DVDs while driving, through a school zone. Are we so screen addicted that we can't even go that long without one? We saw a cart pusher at the Walmart playing with his phone while getting carts together. He left some behind. It was 105 degrees and he was staying longer in the heat than necessary so he could play on his phone.


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