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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August Happiness Challenge 16 August 2016

We are right at the halfway point for this August HappinessChallenge. I have to admit that it is becoming a little more difficult to come up with something each time.

Today, I want to talk about pinnacle moments in movies.  I mean the kind where you think all is lost.  The good guy is out of bullets, out of water, out of food, and low on any chance of winning when we hear the cavalry blowing “Charge” on the bugle as they top the hill.

One movie that comes to mind is the movie Iron Eagle.  Doug Master’s father has been
shot down and is in an enemy prison where he has been put on trial as a spy and is scheduled to hang soon. Doug and his friends hack Air Force computers and get access to Air Force planes and equipment and Doug, along with an adult, flies in to the country that has his father.

His adult friend is shot down early on.  Doug is now on his own.  He is able to rescue his father and get him on the plane.  He fights top-notch pilots and even an ace to escape the country.  He is low on fuel, low on ammo and very close to the border when he sees a squadron of planes on his radar. He knows he does not have the fuel to outrun them.  All hope is lost.  Then…

This kind of movie with an unanticipated outcome happens at a time in the movie when we have been sucked into the action and suspense.

So, what makes you happy?

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  1. That is a movie I have never seen. Any movie with Nic Cage makes me happy, well, most, but he has been in some lousy ones too.

    1. It had Louis Gossett, Junior, as the adult who was helping him. Doug Masters was played by Jason Gedrick. It was a great movie from back in the time where few people had a home computer and we all thought they could do everything.


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