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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop

This week I am trying a new meme. This is called the Book Blogger Hop.  This week’s question is:

If you recommend a book to someone, do you also send that person your review? (submitted by Elizabeth)

Well, online I have had a few people comment on one book review and I will recommend another book that I have reviewed to them.  In which case, I send them the link to the review.

In the physical world, it is very unlikely that I would run into anyone with
whom I would discuss books.  In the physical world, it is more likely that I would discuss more local stuff, with the possible exception of my friend Jay. 

With Jay, we usually discuss our YouTube channels.  He was not aware that people had to actually let the advertisements play in order for the channel owner to receive revenue for the advertisement.

It seems that this is a common thought. That is, people don’t think anything about skipping the advertisements, they just do it.  And that is understandable.  Who wants to watch an advertisement when what they really want to see is the video?

I make book reviews on Amazon and sometimes on Goodreads, but I almost always include the review on my blog, if it is a book that I recommend reading.  If I write a review on a book that didn’t quite make the cut, I am not highly likely to post the review on my blog.

Well, peeps, that is the first of my posts for this Book Blogger Hop.  Leave your comments in the comment box below to let me know how much you love this new meme.  Also, please follow this blog or subscribe to us on YouTube.

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