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Saturday, August 6, 2016

August Happiness Challenge 06 August 2016

August Happiness Challenge
06 August 2016

Here we are on Saturday 06 August 2016 and the sixth day of the August Happiness Challenge.  Have you written your post for today yet?

Every time I start to write one of these posts, I am reminded of a Will Smith movie my child-bride Suzanne and I watched once called, The Pursuit of Happyness.  There was a sign on his son’s daycare center that had The Pursuit of Happyness written on the front window of the building.  This sign, even though the phrase was spelled wrong, inspired Will Smith’s character throughout the movie. 

What is your inspiration today?

Thinking about this little sign makes me happy.  The fact that the misspelling of happiness was the very reason it stood out to Will Smith’s character and most of the audience kind of makes me happy as well.

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  1. Do you know, that drove me nuts throughout the movie, the misspelling of that word...smiles. --Have a beautiful day David and Suzanne.

    1. That is funny. It bothered Suzanne, too. That sort of thing doesn't usually bother me. I often use the wrong word on purpose just to see what happens. There is one sign that continues to stand out in my mind as frustrating. It was one of those changeable letter signs that were so popular years ago. Like the sign in my post, the day Patrick came to town. The sign said:
      Spring has sprung
      Fall has fell
      Come on in
      We are having a sale.

      I never shopped in that store.

  2. I find myself looking for things that make me happy for this challenge and it has made such a difference in my daily routine. I love it! Did I ever ask y'all which part of SC you lived?

    1. We lived in the Upstate in the Starr-Iva Area. I grew up in Iva and Suzanne grew up in Homeland Park and then, later, Starr. Are you in S.C.?


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