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Monday, August 1, 2016

McClendon Studios Presents: Shine Your Shoe Mister?

McClendon Studios Presents:
Shine Your Shoe Mister, Free

One of the greatest salesmen I have ever heard of was a little boy in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Years ago, my father won a contest for selling appliances. This was not unusual because he was a super salesman. The trip was to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. My mother did not want to go, so my father invited his best friend Tom Dudley to take the trip with him.
One day, while walking down the street, my father and Tom passed by a little shoe shine boy. The boy called out to my father, “Shine shoe, mister, free.” My father knew something was up, but went along with it. The boy worked and shined my father’s shoe very professionally. The shoe looked really good. Then, the boy said “Shine other shoe, $2.” Now, who is going to walk around with only one shoe shined?

My father laughed and had the boy shine the other shoe. My father always appreciated a good sales pitch and he had heard the best.

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