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Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 19 Somethin’ Challenge Day 22

Here we are on day 22 of the September 19 Somethin’Challenge.  It has been very fun trying to remember all these old things.

Today’s Question is:

When did you first live on your own? Did you buy or rent your first home? Do you have a picture of it? Please share it if you do.

When I was getting ready to start to college, I discovered that there were no dorms at the college I planned to attend, which was The University of South Carolina-Spartanburg. 

We owned several rental properties in Iva, South Carolina, and my father decided that we
could move the house trailer we owned to Spartanburg.  You can get more detail in my post My First Trailer.

This trailer was built back when all of them had to be no wider than 10 feet. I had three bedrooms and 1 ½ bathrooms.

All of the fixtures were turquois and there was a mixture of tile, indoor/outdoor carpet, and this very thick shag carpet.

My friends helped me fix the trailer up and we towed it 70 miles to Spartanburg.  That is, we paid a professional to tow it.

I remember well that my first power bill was $1.01 and my water bill was always $8.  I lived by myself, but I had friends come up every few weekends to visit.  When they came up, we would either go out to eat or we would cook something there at the trailer. 

Throughout the week, I would go to school, come home, cook something, and watch the Guiding Light (sshhh, don’ tell anyone).  I would also run rescue calls with Rescue 16. I would sometimes teach first aid and CPR courses.

Later, I moved to a regular house.  That was after the toilet literally blew up.  I had never seen one do that.

What about you?  What was your first home on your own like?

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  1. Replies
    1. You are right. It would be difficult to forget a turquoise toilet that was full exploding and sending debris all over the bathroom. It blew the door off the hinges. Neighbors called 911 to report an explosion. I had just left the bathroom. It is a good thing I had a 1/2 bath as well since after the explosion I needed to go again. My rescue squad/fire department buddies showed up in full turnout gear expecting the worst. Good thing I left the front door unlocked or one of the crew would have axed it. I came out of the bathroom to find my trailer full of Metro FD personnel. They got a laugh out of what happened. No one stayed behind to help me clean up though.


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