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Saturday, September 3, 2016

September 19 Somethin’ Challenge. Day 3

September 19 Somethin’ Challenge. Day 3

Today is the third day into our September 19 Somethin’ challenge.  Come on join the fun.  Each day my lovely child-bride Suzanne poses a question inspired by the song 19 Somethin’.  Pop over to McClendon Villa or PS Annie! to get today’s question.

Today’s question is: Did you ever take something apart just to see how it worked or what was inside it? What was it? What did you find in there?

I was constantly taking things apart to see what made them work.  My father said I could tear up an anvil with a rubber hammer.  I once took apart my go-cart engine to see what I would see.   Last I saw, that engine was still apart in the box.

By-the-way, I have seen the stuff they put inside Stretch Armstrong, too.  My brother got one for Christmas.  My sister and I were tossing it back and forth to each other when Stretch decided to bust through the fish aquarium. 

We scooped up the fish and put them in a regular bowl on the counter in the kitchen.  Along and along, the fish died out except for one black fish.  My mother named him Butch because he was too tough to die.  I think Butch lived at least a year before he finally went to fish heaven. 

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  1. That is funny you have seen the stuff he was made of just like the song :) Sorry about the fish.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. The first time I heard the song, I thought, "How neat". Poor Stretch bit the dust on Christmas Eve, not even an hour after my brother opened him.

  2. It sounds like it made a real mess of the room, too. :)

    1. Yep. The funny thing is that the manufacture must have known that Stretch was gonna die. He came with instructions to put him in the freezer to stop the flow of the syrup and then put a patch on him. Poor Stretch stayed in the freezer for almost a year before we could find the right kind of patch. In the meantime Daniel got another Stretch.


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