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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Coming to You Soon in Living Color

Most of you have read that tomorrow morning, at 3 AM CST, we will post our special 200thvideo.  We are happy we have achieved this level.  At this time, we have 7,000+ views.  We are very proud of this.  As a recap, we wanted to post our two most popular videos. 

The all-time most watched video is Handcuff Your Kids.  It has over 1,301 views.  This is amazing.

The second video, Differentiation Vitality Curve, has slightly fewer views with only 1,176 views.  However, it has much more watch time, 3,848 minutes compared to 1,798.

Differentiation Vitality Curve is a business-oriented video. In this video, I give an explanation of what this is and why Jack Welch thought it was so important.  Handcuff Your Kids is a light-hearted look at parenting.

Come on and join the celebration of the posting of our 200th video.  It contains a shout out to our good friend, Eddie Bledsoe, and a quick old-time story.  Please watch with us. 

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