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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Not So Wordless Wednesday 12 October 2016 Give the Gift of Life

This week for Not-So-Wordless Wednesday I wanted to share the graphic Give Blood.

As you know, we are going into the holiday season.  During this time of the year, donations of blood decrease and the need for blood drastically increases.

Many people will be partying.  It is sad that in our modern world so many people choose to partake in alcohol and then try to drive.

 Many of these will say, “I drink all the time; I can hold it.” Take it from a former EMT who has dealt with many a drunk who thought he could hold his alcohol, you can’t.

It seems the ones who choose to be wine drinkers are the worst. Many wine drinkers are
well-educated, which means they should know better. Unfortunately, in my years of working with EMS, I found that an educated drunk person is about the most stupid person you can come across.  Often times, they are too stupid to recognize that they are drunk.

Enough of my soapbox for now.  If you are able to give blood, please do so.   Our youngest is one unit away from giving 4 gallons.  Her Papa Bruce would be so proud.  He and his brother Carl each gave in excess of 5 gallons between 1962 and 1970.  I don’t know the total they gave during their lives.  They both had AB+ blood and were always welcome at the blood bank.

One time, when I was about 5 years old, a policeman knocked at our door.  He was looking for my father.  My father pulled up shortly after that and then he jumped in the back of the squad car and it pulled away with lights and siren.

The cops got my uncle, too.

Papa's 5 Gallon Pin
A little girl had been in an accident and was in serious need of AB+ blood.  At the time, it was felt that the exact match was what she needed.  There were only 7 AB+ registered blood donors in Atlanta at that time.  My father and uncle were two of them. 

Give blood today.  The life you save may be your own. 

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  1. I think that you did an excellent job creating your graphics, my honey bat. :)

    1. Thank you, my Zing. Thank you for drawing the Anne character, too. You did a great job on her and all the others.

  2. David, what a great way to bring awareness for blood donations with the holiday season quickly closing in. You're so right people who drink are either too stupid or prideful when it comes their lack of ability of truly holding their own when it comes to drinking. These people generally have the worse judgement on many things and not just about drinking. Unfortunately it's these people who then climb behind the wheel of their car. Sometimes they are lucky. They get home without being in an accident and everyone is safe but other times things just don't go well and that's really sad. I'll be sure to give a little Tweet. Who knows maybe it'll help to save someone's life. Thanks for visiting and linking up today!

    1. Drunk people just don't think right. We once had a guy who had been cut and shot, but chose to ride with the deputies to their house rather than with me in the ambulance to a nice bed where he could get medical attention. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Such an important message as we head into holiday season, and more and more fools will make the decision to get behind the wheel drunk - still! After all the years of messages and PSA's, I cannot believe people still do this! Part of the reason I have been getting healthier the past 2 years is because chronic anemia prevented me from donating blood. But now my levels have been pretty steady for a year, and I think this year I'll be able to join our local blood donor drive!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I am a brittle diabetic on blood thinners due to strokes, so they won't take my blood. Good luck with getting your blood counts up and keeping them there.

  4. Excellent reminder, I haven't given blood in years.

    1. Everyone who can give blood, should. It is easy to forget how important blood is. Our youngest daughter was told by the blood center that her very first unit of blood was used to save a baby. This kept her going. She is one unit away from 4 gallons.


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