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Monday, October 17, 2016

Share Your World - Week 42

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If you wanted to de-clutter where you live, what room / space would you start with?  (And why, if you feel like admitting to it.)

We do most of our actual living in our bedroom. This is where
our desks are and where we work on our computers.  Since that is the room we do most of our living in, this would be the place to start.

If you want to remember something important, how do you do it (sticky note on the fridge, string around your finger, etc.), and does it work?

I keep a stack of index cards close at hand.  When I need to remember something, I write on one of those.  I keep the active ones in front of me on our desk. It works fine until I lose them, which is most of the time.

If you could create a one room retreat just for yourself, what would be the most important sense to emphasize:  sight (bright natural light, dim light, etc.), hearing (silence, music, fountain, etc.), smell (candles, incense, etc), touch (wood, stone, soft fabrics, etc.), or taste (herbal tea, fresh fruit, etc.)?

It would be snuggly warm, with a fireplace.  It would have a recliner and be as quiet as possible.  It would have dark woods and be lined with leather-bound books.

If you could interview one of your great-great-great grandparents, who would it be (if you know their name) and what would you ask?

That far back it would be hard to say.  I would love to talk with my father’s father. He died when my father was only 17. I would love to know what makes him tick.
His name was Robert Bruce McClendon, Sr.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I am thankful for another stroke-free week. I am thankful that we were able to find the right hospital when we needed it.  I am thankful that Suzanne is here to help me get around.  I am also thankful that I am able to get around as well as I do.

I am looking forward to getting the cast off as soon as I can.  I look forward to being able to walk again.  I look forward to another 50 or so years with my beautiful child-bride Suzanne.

We will catch you on the rebound.

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  1. I lose the sticky notes and then find a pile of them :)

    1. I usually lose the index cards. This is quite a feat since I rarely get out of my chair. Somehow, in the six or so square feet of space I can get to, I manage to lose the index cards, the television remotes, my phone, and just about anything else one would think would be hard to lose when one does not move from one spot. I guess my superpower would be losing stuff in a limited area. I once lost the cat, while I was looking at her. She is a calico cat and blends in with lots of stuff. I think she turns invisible.

  2. You are always the romantic. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I don't know about romantic, self-centered would probably be more like it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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