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Sunday, November 20, 2016


As most of you are aware, bloggers, vloggers, and webmasters are required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to make certain disclosures from time to time.  We are supposed to make our readers/viewers aware of payments we receive when viewers/readers do certain things.
Let’s be honest, since we have had to cut back on other activities, we need these online revenues more so than ever before. We will list the ways we make money and
perhaps you can help us out.  Please do not do anything you would not ordinarily do, but realize that you could help us out by doing certain things.
First of all, if you watch our videosand watch the advertisement that runs just before our video in its entirety, we receive a very small commission.  It is just like broadcast television.  Advertisers pay for the number of times their ads play.
Therefore, if you would, please watch our videos and allow the advertisements to play all the way through, that would help us out.
Please turn off any ad block you may have. We are not asking you to watch any advertisements that you would find offensive or in bad taste.  If one starts to play that you feel uncomfortable with, by all means, skip it.
We are also an Amazon.com affiliate.  This means if you click on any of the Amazon links on our blogs and then make a purchase during that session, we receive a small (4%) commission off of the sale (excludes sales tax and shipping, if any).  We are not asking you to make any purchase you would not normally make. If, however, something on our blog inspires you to make an Amazon purchase, please do so by following our links.
We are supposed to get revenue from impressions from Ad Sense on some of our blogs. 
We have seen some revenue from people who borrow our books via the Amazon Prime Lending Library as well as through Amazon Kindle Unlimited .  If you are a part of either of those two programs, whenever you read any part of our books on your Kindle or Kindle Reading App, we get a small fee. 
We would love your feedback and an honest review at Amazon, too.
So, that is how we make our money.   If you would like to help, and not spend a cent doing so, watch a video or read a book.  We thank you for your help.
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