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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Marines

November 10, 1775, the Marines were formed.  Today, the United States Marine Corps is the first United States armed force in any conflict.

Our brave Marines are all trained to be riflemen.  That means that all Marines, from the general at the top on down, can each pick up a rifle and fight.

The Army has its Green Berets.  The Navy has its Seals.  The Marines used to have an elite fighting force called the Raiders.  However, they found that ALL Marines were highly trained in combat and so the title "Marine" indicates they are a special breed.

Marine basic training is the longest, and the toughest, of all the branches of the military.  Marine basic training lasts 13 weeks.  The final stage of the training is called “The Crucible". This is a 55-mile hike that lasts 55 hours.  Marines take this hike, with loads of obstacles, with very little food and practically no sleep.

A special medical corps follows close by to take the many that do not make it to medical care.  The Select Few who make it earn the coveted Eagle, Globe, and Anchor Award. 

Those who don’t make it get to pay their own way back home. 

The first part of the Marine slogan is The Few.  They don’t want quantity.  They want quality.  Marines are highly trained, highly disciplined and built to improvise, adapt, and overcome. 

Meanwhile, these rough, tough Marines do have a soft place.  This soft place is for the children who might not otherwise have Christmas.  The Marine’s Toys for Tots program is one of the best Christmas charities you can find.

Whereas, you should not send your tithe to Toys for Tots, you may wish to send a contribution to them. Your tithe belongs to your church, the storehouse.  After you give ten percent of your GROSS income, you may feel free to contribute to Toys for Tots.

Thank You, Marines.  And, Happy Birthday.

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes, Happy Birthday to The Marines and thank you for all you do. Suzanne, thank you for stopping by and commenting. A big thank you for all you do, too.

  2. Happy Birthday to The Marines. The 55 mile trek sounds awful.

    1. It would be for me, too. But, it is designed to mimic battlefield conditions. You either make it, or you pay your own way home. Recruits carry their buddies to the end of the trip if the buddy falls along the way. There were two men who could not carry all the ammo to the top of the hill because it was a three man job. David Jr. went back to help them. That is what Marines do. Surviving it is a badge of honor. The commanding general went through it with them. He does that every week.


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