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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Be On the Same Page

Be On the Same Page

In order to get all your monkeys under control, it is important that everyone in the family be on the same page.  You can get some of your monkeys to behave without having 100% buy in from everyone in the family.  However, in order to maximize your monkey management, it is important that the family is working together as a team.

This is especially important in a marriage.  If one spouse is trying to manage money better and the other spouse is interested in spending money lavishly, there is a definite conflict and it will be an uphill battle for the frugal spouse, to say the least.

If both members of the couple agree to work together to better manage the family monkeys, the couple can get their lives in order, restore peace to the family, and set aside a sizeable nest egg for the future.

Sit down with your spouse or significant other and discuss where you are as a couple.  Do you want to grow closer and live a more comfortable, smoother life?  If so, working through this course together will help you get there.  If you cannot be on the same page, you may still benefit somewhat from this course.
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Please be advised that all the information in this course is provided to educate, enlighten, and broaden your views in life.  The information provided is not a substitute for medical, legal, dietary, financial/accounting, or religious professionals.  Always consult a professional before you act on any of the information you find in this course.  

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