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Thursday, December 29, 2016

How to Manage Your Monkey. God Will Take Care of Me

There is an old story that has been told and retold for many generations.  

Of course, it gets enhanced just like a fish story does each time it is told.

One day, the Army Corps of Engineers determined that due to heavy rains upriver, the area below the Hartwell Dam would soon be flooded.

This dam is situated on the Savannah River right on the South Carolina/Georgia state line.

An evacuation order was issued and volunteers began helping people in the flood area get to safety.

Old man Simpson was kind of set in his ways, but he was a devout Christian and trusted the Lord in everything. 

Mr. Simpson decided to sit on his front porch and watch the flood waters rise as he prayed, “God, please take care of me.” 

 The flood waters got closer.

Mr. Simpson kept praying, “God take care of me.”  

The flood waters kept rising.  

Shortly, an Army Corps of Engineers boat approached and a corporal said, “Git in the boat.”  

Mr. Simpson replied, “No, God will take care of me.”

The waters got higher and higher and soon Mr. Simpson was sitting on the roof of his porch and continued to pray, “God, take care of me.”  

About that time, a rescue boat from the Iva Rescue Squad approached.  A member of the dive team yelled out, “Get in the boat and we will take you to safety."  

Mr. Simpson replied, “No, God will take care of me.”

Later, the waters had risen even higher and Mr. Simpson was sitting on the roof of his house praying when along came a boat from The American Red Cross. 

The rescue worker yelled out, “Get in the boat and we will take you to a shelter where you can get food and water.”  

Mr. Simpson replied, “No, God will take care of me.”

The water rose even higher and Mr. Simpson was standing on his tip toes on top of his chimney praying when a helicopter from the 82nd  Airborne out of North Carolina hovered over and lowered  a rope.

A voice came out of a speaker on the helicopter saying, “Catch a hold of the rope and we will fly you to safety."

Mr. Simpson replied, "No, God will take care of me.”

Soon, the water was above Mr. Simpson’s head and he drowned.  He stood before the Lord in heaven and said, "Lord, I trusted you to save me.  Why did you let me drown?" 

 To which God replied, “I sent you three boats and a helicopter”.

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  1. That is a good story. We need to trust God, but use our brains too :)

    1. Thanks for stopping in and commenting. It is true, sometimes we don't see how God has answered our prayer. We are often looking for a lightning bolt or a voice from above. Sometimes we don't see that an angel, disguised as a little old lady, brought the answer to the prayer.


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