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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dog Collector

Suzanne and I will not be blogging very much until at least 23 February 2017.  We will be helping a friend. Please keep us in your prayers.

Our Family
I had been working for a few months for a finance company as a collector.  I was quite successful with this.  I didn’t do anything spectacular or amazing.  All I did was perform my job the way I was supposed to and expected to do.

What I found out was that I was more successful than most collectors because I actually did my job.  

Many collectors would say they were going out to field call people, which is to go to their house or place of business and see them face to face, but not really do it.

I learned that often collectors would say they went to see a certain person but they were not at home.  In fact, they may have driven by the house but never even gotten out of the car.

One day I went to see a particularly hard to collect customer.  I will call this guy Arnold.  Of course, that isn’t his real name.

Arnold was a muscular man of less than average height.  Somehow, he had gotten
Suzanne and Davey
discouraged from paying his finance companies.  

He had his phone number changed to an unlisted number, bought himself a pit bull dog, and placed “No Trespassing” and “Keep Out” signs on his fence and front door.

I was sent to see the man.  I had no idea that he had scared several collectors by his appearance and actions.   

No one told me this man had a reputation in the finance community for being a tough character who liked to intimidate collectors.  I went to see him.

I arrived and ignored the “No Trespassing” and “Keep Out” signs.  I walked up to his door and knocked.  There was no answer, so I knocked a little harder. 

This woke up the pit bull that I had not seen as I was walking in the fence and towards the front door.   The dog woke up and was grumpy.  It jumped up on the front porch with me, dragging his chain that was about the size that loggers use to drag pulp wood out of the woods behind a skidder.

The dog startled me, so I stomped my foot down on the porch and yelled, with as much bass in my voice as I could produce, “Get out of here you son of a &*%$#”. 

Arnold had been just inside the house on the other side of the door I was knocking on the whole time.  When I yelled at the dog, he thought I was yelling at him.

Arnold thought I had yelled “Get out here, you son of a &*%$#”, and was addressing him.

All my attention was on the dog.  I had braced for impact from the dog and was standing firm on the porch.  When Arnold opened the door, he bounced off of my chest.  I am 6’ 3” and he was about 5 feet tall. 
He looked up at me and said, “Sir?”.

I told him who I was and what I was there for.  He went inside the house and got enough cash to pay his bill completely off.

David and Suzanne
I had several more customers to see after Arnold, so I went on the see them.

By the time I got back to the office, Arnold had gone and paid off all of his finance companies.  At each one, he told the manager he figured he better pay them off, too, since I might go to work for them.  It appears that he had been saving each payment by placing the cash in a bowl in his kitchen.

He had figured that, in time, all the finance companies would stop trying to collect from him.  He wanted to set his money aside in case he was wrong.

My manager got several calls from other finance companies wanting to know what I had done to Arnold. 

Until now, only my family and a few friends have known what really happened.  

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  1. Quite a story. It brings to mind how you really don't know someone until you are in their space with them. Sometimes when we reach out, a connection is made, and sometimes it is positive.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I really did not know anything about the man until after he paid his bill. If you read The Assistant Manager at Snuffy's, you will see that how you treat people is very important.


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