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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Gone Fishin'

Disclaimer: Many of the stories are completely fictional.  Other stories are fictional accounts of true stories.  Other stories are completely true.  Sometimes the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Before I get started with this little story I want to send a shout out to my friend, Wolfman, over at WolfPakRadio.  

You can find him at wolfpakradio.com

And now, without further eloquence, is our story.

U. J. loved to fish.  He would fish at the drop of a hat.  He might even fish in a hat if he thought there was a fish in it.  His best friend and fishin’ partner was Sylvester. Most days you could see the two of them headed in the direction of their favorite fishin’ hole. 

U. J. kept a pocket fisherman with him at all times.  You remember those “As Seen on TV” ads where they showed the man ready to fish with his combination fishin’ rod and tackle box all in an easy to carry device that would fit in his pocket.

There was one summer when U.J. and Sylvester decided they would go out to this fancy fishin’ resort.  It had special boat you could rent for a hefty price.  This placed kept the lake stocked with very large bass.  It was almost impossible to put your hook in the water and not catch a fish.  There was an incredibly large amount of fish in this fishing resort. 

U. J. and Sylvester went to the boat captain and rented a small boat.  They also rented all the boat equipment needed.  They took their own rods and reels and some special bait that U.J. had created and set out.  They had plunked down about $200 on the boat and supplies and headed out into the lake. 

Very shortly after they got their hooks in the water, they started catching fish.  They caught one after another.  Since this was a private resort with a special license, there was no limit to the number of fish they could catch. 

This was as close to heaven as the boys would come in this life.

After about two hours of steady catching fish, the boat began to reach its capacity.  The boys decided that they should probably head back in.  Before they got under way, U. J. took out his knife and hacked a V in the side of the boat. 

Sylvester asked him what he was doing.

U. J. said, “I’m marking this here fishing spot so we can find it the next time we come out.” 

Sylvester said, “U. J., that sure is smart thinking. I am glad you thought of that.”  He thought for a minute or two and then asked, “What happens if we don’t get the same boat next time?”

This was a retelling of a classic joke that I originally heard from Justin Wilson, the Cajun Chef.

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