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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Presto Big Kettle 8 Quart Multi-Cooker Steamer Product Review

Our family is a mix of many religions:  Pentecostal Holiness, Church of God, Southern Baptist, Independent Baptist, Mormon, and Catholic. 

We do our best to observe the holidays from as many religions as possible.  Our Muslim friends help us to understand their holy days and we do our best to honor them as we can.

It is Lent, a Catholic holy season.  Part of the observance of this holy season is to have fish on Friday.  It really does not seem to matter if the fish is a tuna sandwich, or fried catfish, or any other type of fish, for that matter.

All the restaurants around have a Lenten special this time of year because our area is heavily Roman Catholic.  We can’t afford to eat out like that, but we did want to observe the holiday.  So, we bought the Presto Big Kettle 8-Quart Multi-Cooker/Steamer.

With it, we can fry catfish for much less than it would cost to eat out every Friday.

This deep fryer is great.  Just fill the kettle up to the oil line with cooking oil and let the oil get to the desired 400-degree temperature.

Then, we just bread the catfish, put it in the basket, and put the basket in the oil.  Let it cook till the desired level of doneness and then drain.  The fish comes out perfectly.  No more burns from hot oil from trying to fry it in the frying pan.

The basket makes removing the hot fish easy. 

We Southerners deep-fry everything.  It cooked our fried okra perfectly.  The Presto Big Kettle 8-Quart Multi-Cooker/Steamer makes frying a decent amount of French fries a snap.

We purchased this not knowing how well it would work out.  We are so glad we did. Clean up is easy since everything is immersible except for the cord and temperature control.  The kettle, lid, and strainer are all dishwasher-safe. 

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  1. I am Catholic and the rule is actually not to eat meat on Fridays during Lent. I don't care for fish so I usually do cheese pizza, grilled cheese or vegetable chow mein. That does look like a nice cooker, I would love that for onion rings.

    1. Thank you, I stand corrected. Our daughter is the Catholic in our family and she never eats meat anyway. Thank you for updating me. Have a great weekend.


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