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Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Brain Show Behind the Scenes: What is going on inside our brain while we are living our life

The Brain Show Behind the Scenes: What is going on insideour brain while we are living our life is an outstanding read.  In the past, we have been disappointed by many Kindle books.  So many of them are really just a string of Wikipedia articles that have been strung together and run through software that rearranges the words.  There are many others that are written by people who don’t have a good grasp of the English language. 

Other brain books read like dry textbooks that often leave the reader wondering what it is they have just read.

The Brain Show Behind the Scenes: What is going on insideour brain while we are living our life is a very refreshing book to read.  There is some actual substance to the book, but complex subjects are explained in such a way that the average reader can read it without having to look up every other phrase or word.

The author gave this book away free as part of a KDP promotion.  This means we did not pay anything for the book.

This book is very readable.  It is very informative.  It would seem logical to us that if someone were to be taking an advanced course in brain theory or brain physiology, this book would help them through it.

We have a child who was diagnosed with ADHD many years ago. If this book had been out at the time, we would have understood more about what was taking place inside our child.

We have Alzheimer’s disease on both sides of our family.  It would have been very helpful to have read this book while they were still alive. We would have had a better understanding of why we could not communicate with our loved ones like we once could.

Last year, David suffered from three strokes.  The medical explanations were complicated.  This book would have been a wonderful key to understanding what was taking place.

This is a great book for both the average person and the advanced student. It could very well help one to understand all the misinformation there is out there regarding the brain.

Amazon rates books on a scale of one to five.  Five is the best and one is the worst.  We rate books on a scale of zero to five with zero being absolutely unreadable or terrible and five being as good as it gets. 

We rate this book a five on both scales.

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