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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesdays with Gindy. My First Night in Spartanburg

As I told you in a previous post, I moved the trailer to Spartanburg.  Well, we paid Hamby Mobile Home Movers to move it anyway.  

I got all the utilities hooked up.  Finally, the day came to move in.  I went a few days before school was to start because I needed to get groceries and find my way around town a little before I settled down for class.
My friend Phil Brown went up with me and he and I went grocery shopping.  We went to Community Cash and I spent a whopping $70.  That was a lot of money for a single person back then.   Later, when I was telling people about the $70, they would at first express shock and then would tell me that it was okay; I was buying all the staples like flour and corn meal at the time.

One extravagant purchase was a fish. I took it back to the trailer and broiled it for what seemed like forever. It did not look or taste done, so I cooked it in a frying pan.   It fell apart.  Phil called this fish hash.

After supper, Phil left and I was alone in the trailer.   I got a few things organized and decided to go on to bed.  I knew I had a big day of getting my books and finding my way around the campus the next day, so early to bed seemed like a good idea.

I went back to the pimp room to lie down.  I was just getting to sleep when I heard an awful noise outside.   I looked out the back door and saw a car had missed the turn and had run into the ditch that was just outside my back door.  

I grabbed my EMT smock and my first aid kit out of Bird-2.  At that time Bird-2, which was the name of my car, was stocked with first aid supplies better than most Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances.

I crawled into the car and began stabilizing the victim.   Shortly, an ambulance arrived. The fire chief, Tom Emery, recognized me and told the rest of the ambulance crew of Rescue 16 that I was an EMT and the newest member of the department.

This is how I met EMT Ray and the driver Billy-Bob Evans.  The codes for Spartanburg County EMS and Anderson County EMS were all different.  For one thing, in the Iva Rescue Squad (Squad 6 Anderson) an extreme emergency (light and siren) was 10-66.  In Spartanburg, the code was Code 3. There were lots of other differences.

I was the EMT in charge, but I did not set the code of going to the hospital.   Billy-Bob had this thing where everything was Code 3. Got a stubbed toe? Code 3.

We went to the Spartanburg General Hospital.  There the guys change the stretcher sheets using hospital linen.  Back at Iva Rescue Squad, we would have extra sheets in the unit and change it using those extra sheets.

We stayed at the hospital until we were released and then Billy-Bob drove back.  Our patient made it okay into the ER.  Like all my Spartanburg patients, I never knew what happened after we dropped them off at the ER. In Iva, I almost always knew my patient.
When we were released from the hospital, Billy-Bob dropped me off back at my trailer.   I went home and slept on the couch.  I never slept in the Pimp Room again. I kept thinking about how close I was to having a car in the Pimp Room with me. 

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