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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rainbow Bridge has a New Resident

This afternoon, Suzanne found our dear sweet Callie dead in the backyard.

We cannot be sure what happened, but it appears to be a snake bite.  There is one bite mark on her chest.  Snakes often miss with one fang, but get a good shot with the other. 

Callie was the last of her line.  Her brother Tiger went to the bridge a long time ago.  Her mommy went suddenly, too. 

Callie was one of those sweet kitties who stands out among the crowd.  You know what I mean.  Even though you don’t have a favorite, there is one you always look for when you come home.

We are now owned by only one cat, Little Bit.  She has been through a lot.  She has lost
Callie sitting beside her brother's grave'
She is buried beside him now.
many litters.

We still have our grand-dogger, Petra.  She is an inside dog.  We think that she thinks she is a people.  Earlier today, Suzanne and I were out walking her.  Suzanne had a Lorna Doone cookie.  Petra kept looking at Suzanne like, “What are you doing eating my Milkbone?”

It is always sad to have to bury a loved one like Callie.  We are getting too old to dig the graves. 

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