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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Piping Aboard One More Passenger at Rainbow Bridge

It is a very sad day here at McClendon Villa.  Today we say goodbye to Little Bit.  She was a most unusual cat.  Little Bit was more puppy than cat.   She would follow Suzanne around just like a puppy follows a kid.

She was always an outside cat.  She never had a baby live very long, yet she still kept popping them out.   The longest living baby was Sparta.  Sparta's father was Rowan.  He would help Little Bit with Sparta just like people families do.

Rowan died a long time ago.  When Callie went not too long ago, we figured it had to be a
snake.  She obviously went very quickly.  The same is true for Little Bit.  She died very quickly with only one tooth mark on her entire body.  The bite is obvious but odd.

Little Bit was probably the most unusual cat we ever had.  She would often come when you called her.  She was with child when she went and the babies were due any day now.

We often worried about her being outside, but knew she would not be happy inside the house.  We will miss you, Little Bit.

Now, our nest is very close to empty.  It is Suzanne and me, along with Petra our Grand-dogger and Vivaldi our in-house tree frog.  He comes and goes as he pleases.

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Little Bit, Rowan, and Sparta

Little Bit and Sparta

Little Bit and Sparta


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  1. I am sorry for your loss. This is so sad. The outside world is a very dangerous place.

    1. It is. We talked several times about bringing her inside, but we have had so much feline leukemia in this house we figure there is no way we got rid of every trace of it. We have thrown away all the bowls and pans. Xerxes' toys live on my desk but, there is bound to be something we missed.

  2. I am so sorry. You are having a very bad year. XO

    1. This is true. It appears the last two died of snake bites. We are on a massive snake hunt now. We are mowing the grass very short and are going to kill anything that moves. A snake killed one of our neighbors' puppies, too.


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