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Sunday, May 21, 2017

The World of Molly Grace Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Molly Visits the Doctor

Molly Grace, while being a normally obedient child, had found a puppy in an alley
between Suzanne’s photo shop and the vacant building next door. The puppy appeared to be very sick. Since Molly Grace was a soft hearted animal lover, she found a box and took the puppy over to Barry “Doc” Jones’ house. Doc was the local doctor who also owned the local drug store where he served as the pharmacist as well as the soda jerk and clerk.

Molly brought the puppy to Doc’s house and he had her put the puppy on the front porch while he went inside to get his bag. He soon returned and started examining the dog. Molly was standing on the porch in plain view of the street when Robert drove by.

Robert recognized his daughter right away. He stopped the car and walked up and said, “Hello, Molly Grace. Daddy is here to take you home."  Doc did not know the whole story, but he knew enough to be concerned. Although he was over ninety years old, he was ready to fight Robert if he had to. He told Molly Grace to go into the house and call the police. 

Doc stepped between Robert and the front door. Robert pushed Doc to the ground and made it to the door just as Molly Grace locked it. She was able to call the police just before Robert broke through the door.

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