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Monday, May 22, 2017

The World of Molly Grace Chapter 5

Chapter 5 The Kidnapping

Lucky was standing right beside Bucky’s car when the call came in. The dispatcher said
that the phone was left off the hook and that she could hear Molly Grace screaming for help.

 Lucky ran to his truck and sped to Doc Jones’ house. He arrived just ahead of Bucky and Jimmy, who pulled up from opposite ends of the street. Robert had just forced Molly Grace into the car. 

Lucky was the first to reach Robert. He first grabbed Robert with the intent of restraining him until Jimmy and Bucky could handcuff him. But, when he saw the tears in Molly Grace’s eyes, he lost control of himself. 

Bucky, Jimmy, and Iron Mike all tried to restrain Lucky, but they could not. It was not until Tim Hunnicutt pulled up with nearly forty other bikers that there was enough muscle to pull Lucky off of Robert.

Robert was restrained and placed in the back of Bucky’s police car. Everyone in the town wondered whether or not Robert would make it to the police station or if he would be shot “trying to escape.”

Doc was the only medical practitioner for miles.  Mama Sue had been a nurses’ aid for a while and she tried to tend to him, but she was afraid he was hurt just too badly. His heart beat was weak. A man of ninety years is not able to take such a beating and survive. 

A Life Flight helicopter was summoned from Houston. Even though it arrived within minutes, it seemed like forever. Every eye in town was full of tears as the helicopter took off towards Houston.

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