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Friday, June 2, 2017

Friendly Fill Ins 2 June 2017

This is a fun meme co-hosted by McGuffy's Reader and 15 and Meowing. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!

Here are the fill-ins:

1. A law I would like to see passed is no smoking in public.
Many smokers are just plain rude.  At our local Walmart, the workers go out front for a smoke break even though a former manager had a special smoking area set up behind the store.  Suzanne has COPD and the smoke really gets to her.

Our neighbors smoke like chimneys.  All their smoke blows directly through our carport.  It is like a smoke tunnel sometimes.  Raising the taxes on cigarettes $1 a pack won’t fix it.  When we were working at the convenience stores, we would tell people of an upcomming $1 per pack price increase.  They would tell us that when it went up they were going to quit.  Our sales never dropped and all those who said they would quit were there buying just as much as always.

Once when I was working as a bill collector, I went to see one man.  He was sitting in his backyard smoking with a carton of cigarettes on the table and a case of beer beside him.  I asked him about the payments on his wife’s car.  He told me he had not even been able to buy a box of diapers for his baby.  We repossessed the car.

2. My favorite card game is Sugar-free Doctor Pepper.

This is a game Suzanne and I made up.  It is very much like Crazy 8s, only the 10s, 2s, and 4s are wild.  We haven’t played it in a while. This is my fault.

3. With Summer unofficially here, it will be hot.
This is Gulf Coast Texas.  It is almost always hot.  We almost always have mosquitos. We don’t have the money to go anywhere, so we don’t.  The air conditioner in the car is not working so when we do go out, we try to get to where we have to go and get back asap so we don’t melt.

4. A favorite Summer memory is fishing.

Back when Suzanne and I were dating, it was nice to go fishing together.  We really were not concerned about catching anything.  It was just nice sitting on the bank and watching the boats cruise by on Lake Hartwell.

We didn’t catch anything so, we went out to eat at our favorite fish restaurant, the Swamp Guinea in Hartwell, Georgia.

Now, if you have never been to the Swamp Guinea, you are missing a real treat.  This place has the best fried catfish you ever put in your mouth.  They serve it all Family Style.  That is each person pays the same thing and they bring platters to the table loaded down with catfish, perch, fried popcorn shrimp, boiled shrimp, Brunswick stew, fried chicken, french fries, cole slaw, hush puppies, country ham, and as much Southern iced tea as you can drink.  Many people drive up to the place in their boats and dock at the restaurant’s dock.

The place is only opened Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  You CAN order other things there but, if you do, you will miss the best fish meal you have ever had in your life.

Well, people, that wraps up Friendly Fill-Ins this week.  We hope you have a great weekend. May the Good Lord bless you.

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  1. Thank you for these great answers. That does sound like a fun card game. I hate it when people smoke in public too, at least in Massachusetts there is a law about having to be so many feet from the entrance to a store- not that anyone follows it though. I hate being at a stop light when the person in fron of me has the window open and is smoking.
    That restaurant does sound good for seafood lovers. We have a chicken place similar about an hour away. Have a great weekend!

    1. It is amazing how these places, like the Swamp Guinea, manage to stay a "closely guarded secret" and do a thriving business. Have a great weekend.

  2. Combined (federal, state, county, and city) cigarette tax in Chicago is $7.42 for a pack of twenty. That is insane. But, people do it. I have lung issues (asthma, COPD, and Sarcoidosis that caused lung scarring) that just keep getting worse. I use two inhalers and see a pulmonologist. I have to be very careful. So, I understand. How close is your neighbor? Maybe fans to blow it away from your windows would help. They are in their home, so that makes it difficult. No outside smoking is public will never happen because there is all kinds of things in the air (exhaust, sprays, even natural things like flowers, pollen, etc.). I do understand. Be careful in the heat. Bill makes the best fried catfish this side of Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee. There is a place there that does it very well. But, Bill's is the best. Have a great weekend. Thanks for joining us!

    1. Suzanne fries a very good catfish herself. Back in the day, my family would have catfish fries and one of the main dishes was grits. Up until the time we tried it, I had never heard of it. It seems it is a very common thing here in the South. Grits, catfish, hush puppies, cole slaw, and french fries. Nothing even accidentally healthy.

  3. My daddy was stubborn when it came to smoking in his own house. His idea was it was his house and he'd do what he pleased. At least he respected my wishes in regards to our house and yard, unlike some others. I remember one time he started to light up in our house. He'd forgotten and smoking was such an ingrained habit for him. He about fell all over himself trying to get that thing back in the pack, apologizing the whole time. I think had he realized that his bad habit was going to cause me such suffering and ultimately kill me, maybe he wouldn't have done it.

    1. You are right. I don't think if he knew he was killing you that he would have smoked around you. There are parents we know who know and do not care.

  4. The Swamp Guinea sounds great! What a neat place. I love iced tea too.

    Sugar-free Doctor Pepper sounds fun!

    1. Granny, both grannies actually, used to make tea with so much sugar you could really stand a spoon up in it. If you ever get to Hartwell, Georgia, you should try the Swamp Guinea. We were last there about 13 years ago, so it might have changed. I hope not.

  5. I can't stand cigarette smoke either. Uck! So, he couldn't afford diapers but could afford cigarettes and beer. Wow!

    1. I ran into that sort o thing a lot. For him, the beer and cigarettes were more important than taking care of his baby. We see that a good bit out here in Texas. While working in convenience stores, people would come in to buy beer. When their kids asked for juice they would tell them, no. They still bought their beer.

  6. I feel the same way about smoke. Great answers. Hope you have a great weekend!


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