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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Gratitude Challenge

What holiday are you grateful for?

Things have changed since I was younger.  The whole spirit of most holidays has been ruined by big business.   I enjoy Thanksgiving more now than I did when I was a boy because it was ALWAYS filled with drama back then.  

In the Lion King, Zazu says “There is one in every family, two in fact in mine.  And they are always ruining special occasions.”  

Well, at Thanksgiving and Christmas, we always had that drama queen, and sometimes a king, too.

You know that person who is just waiting for someone to say anything they could take the wrong way.   Then, they would leave the room slamming doors.  It took practically nothing to set her off.  Then my father would go to her and coddle her. This was her way of getting attention.  

The drama king would just disappear.  He would get in his car and head back home.  This happened all the time.

And later, there was a new married-in addition to the family.  This one was Willie Oneupman.  If you got a 100 on a test, Willie got 200.  If you walked at 6 months, Willie walked at 1 month.  If someone was like a father to you, he was a “Real” father to Willie.  You know the kind.  

So now, Suzanne and I and whichever kids happen to make it home have a holiday meal with little fanfare.  Family will do things to you that even enemies would not dare to do.

I learned of this journalling challenge from Vanessa over at Vanessence.

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  1. I am glad you can enjoy Thanksgiving now.

    1. Thank you, Ellen. Suzanne can cook a great turkey. Have a great week.


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