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Thursday, July 13, 2017

How To Manage Your Monkey Making Money with Blogging and YouTube

We cannot verify this, yet but we understand that there can be a great amount of money made by blogging and on YouTube.

As we understand it, the secret is to find the right niche for you.  Once you have the right niche, you then locate companies who offer an affiliate program or who pay per click for banners you display on your site.

The secret here is to know your audience.  On Random Thoughts and Observations, our audience is primarily other bloggers.   Most of these come to Random Thoughts and Observations when responding to memes.

So, the key here would be to find whatever advertisement would appeal to other bloggers.

The niche market for How to Manage Your Monkey would be people who are looking to improve their lives.

These people might be looking to improve their prayer life, financial life, relationship with their friends and family, or other aspects in their lives.

We suggest books and other products that are available through Amazon and hopefully some will click on those links and make a purchase.  If that ever happens, we will make a small commission. 

The secret is to provide great content, the content that will inspire people to come to your blog to read it.

The other side of this coin is YouTube. 

On our YouTube Channel, if people watch the advertisements that play just before the videos, we receive a small commission.

We are earning small amounts of commissions on our YouTube Channel. We just have to get to $100 before we get paid.

Again, the secret to making money on YouTube or your blogs is providing something people want to see and hoping they will watch the advertisements all the way through.

We live by the demographics.  When we see that people are watching specific videos, we try to make more like them.  We try to learn what it is that makes one video work and another not.  Here are some things we have learned.

Short videos get more air play. 15 minutes or less in most cases.

Videos in High Definition HD get more air play.

Adding custom thumbnails to a video increases the likelihood that people will click on it to watch it.

Related keywords are important.  But, don’t overload the video with key words that don’t really describe the video.

A good description is helpful

For both blogging and YouTube, the more subscribers/followers you have, the more hits you get.  Therefore, ask people to subscribe to/follow you.

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  1. I have yet to make any movie this way, but I will keep trying.

    1. We make a dollar or two here and there. Almost any business is like a bamboo plant. For a long time, you feed and water it with what seems like no results. Then, overnight is shoots up 40 feet. The secret is to hang in there. Have a great week.


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