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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge 12 July 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge 12 July 2017

1. When was the last time you chatted with a neighbor? About what? (sharing that last bit is optional)

Wow, not too long ago.  We chatted about a fence he had taken down between our properties.  In Texas, this is still a hanging offense.  As I understand it, in Texas, a person caught removing a fence between properties can still be legally hung.  There is even a law on the books in Texas still that makes it illegal to carry a pair of wire cutters anywhere other than on your own property.

This fence came down over a year ago.  Our neighbor’s dogs were, and still are, roaming the neighborhood, which is against the city ordinance.  I had a “Word of prayer”, as we say, with him.  

2. River, lake, ocean, or waterfall...which one are you most like and why?

Let’s see, a river has a mouth and a river runs.  I run my mouth, therefore I must be very much like a river.  I think anyone who knows me knows I can’t make a long story short but I can make a short story long.

3. July 13 is National Delaware Day. Ever been to Delaware? Delaware is called 'the first state' because it was the first to declare independence from the British. What's your state's nickname and does that moniker make sense to you? If you were in charge, what nickname would you give your home state?

I don’t think I have ever been to Delaware.  If I have, I was too young to remember it.  We live in Texas.  Texas is known as The Lone Star State.  This is because Texas was once an independant nation.  This nickname makes sense.  By law, Texas has a legal right to secede from the the United States and there is a lot of momentum now to do so.  As I understand it, Texas has everything within the state we need to sustain ourselves.  We even have our own power grid that is not dependant on anyone.

We, my child-bride Suzanne and I are from South Carolina.  South Carolina is known as the Palmetto State.  This is because back during the Revolutionary War our coast was guarded by a fort that was made out of Palmetto logs.  I think it was Fort Moultrie.  Anyway, the British fired cannons at the fort and the palmetto logs absorbed the cannon fire.

I was born in Georgia, which is known as the Peach State.  South Carolina grows more peaches than any other state in the country. So, this nickname does not make as much sense as the others.

4. What dish did you contribute to the last potluck meal you attended? Do you have a go-to recipe for potluck suppers?

The last potluck meal we went to was a family reunion.  We took ‘tater salit, cole slaw, and bread.  

5. What is your number one tip for a brand new parent?

***No one knows your child as well as you do.  Back when we were new parents, we loaded up the car with everything to go out.  We had two diaper bags, two strollers, a portable crib, a portable playpen, you name it, we had it all.

We bought only name brand diapers for that young ‘un.  By the time our second child came along, we bought a cheaper name brand diaper.  By the third child that lived, we bought store brand diapers.  And by the fourth child that lived, we bought newspapers.  Watch the video to learn why.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

We have two new T-shirts at Manian Debil Productions.  Check them out.  We also kicked off the Hammie Show on Our YouTube Channel.  You should see that, too.  

Over this past week, we have had a lot of drama laid at our doorstep.  It always seems there is something.  It would not be so bad but, Suzanne and I are both suffering from some unknown illness.  When it was just me, we thought it was a reaction to my new medicine.  But when Suzanne got it, we figured that wasn’t the case. We hope it is just a summer virus.  Since the only time we have gone out of the house recently was for doctors’ visits, that could well be the case.  We went to the doctor to get sick.

Please keep us in your prayers.  

If you would like for me to pray for you, please drop me an e-mail by clicking prayer.

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  1. Your "river" response made me laugh. That ham sure looks good!
    I love you, my Zing. :)

    1. Thanks Baby, it is true too. I love you. Zing! Zing!

  2. I'm sorry you've both been sick and pray you will be recovering very soon. I chose river too. I like your explanation of it.

    1. Thank you. We seem to be improving slowly but surely. Have a great day.

  3. That is just wrong about the fence. He should not have taken it down and their dogs should not roam free. Those are great items to bring to a pot luck.

    1. Back when I was young, I was as skinny as a rail. Our church would have potluck lunches and the widow ladies in the church would have me eat what was left over of what they brought so they did not have to take it back with them. Have a great day.

  4. Sorry about the fence, it was wrong to take it down and more wrong to let dogs run free. Please be kidding about newspaper diapers :)

    1. No joke. In the video I tell the whole story but, it really happened, I am sorry to say. Have a great day.

  5. I agree that you know your child best. Everyone wants to tell you how to do stuff but listen to the voice in your head.

    1. Where I used to work, the bosses' son had a child just younger than our oldest daughter. He was constantly asking questions about child raising. I often told him that he knew his child better than I did and he and his wife were the best to understand the child. Thanks for commenting.


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