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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Book Review: Whole Self: A Concise History of the Birth & Evolution of Human Consciousness

This is one of those books we read and wonder where is this author coming from?  For the first part of this book, we wondered why was this author so negative about parents, family, society in general, and religion.  Then, when we learned that he was basically abandoned by everyone who should have been showing him love, we began to understand.

The author, Kendrick Mercer, speaks of faith or beliefs as something false, whereas scientific findings are truth.  However, much of what he introduces as truth is, so far, merely speculation.  How we evolved from whatever we evolved from is not proven fact, but merely speculation based upon the limited evidence we have.

Whole Self reads very much like a lecture from a very liberal college professor bent on changing young, impressionable minds, while telling these young people how much their parents have sought to control them through withholding love and affection to get the behaviors the parent desires.

On the plus side, Whole Self is well-written and Mr. Mercer uses many quotes to back up his point of view.  The only real problem with these quotes, as far at the book is concerned, is that most of the quotes are printed in a much lighter font than the rest of the print in the book making them difficult to read.

We are unable to give Whole Self more than three stars.  This rating is not based so much on the beating he gives all religion, all families, societies and cultures so much as that the term Whole Self is used so often throughout the book that it sounds like the book is actually an advertisement for something called Whole Self.

The book is billed as “A Concise History of the Birth & Evolution of Human Consciousness”. However, it is anything but concise.  The reader may want to say, “Get to the point.”

After learning what a difficult childhood Mr. Mercer had, we feel very bad that we cannot rate Whole Self higher.  However, honesty and integrity will not allow us to do otherwise.  

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