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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge 26 July 2017

1. We've reached edition number 315 here in the Wednesday Hodgepodge. So tell us, what were you doing at 3:15 yesterday? Is that typical? On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being low and 10 being high) what's your energy level usually like at 3:15 PM?

We are a nocturnal family.  Our kids are usually scattered from coast to coast and sometimes around the world depending on where Uncle Sam has the greatest needs.  Therefore, yesterday at 3:15 PM, I was checking out the inside of my eyelids.

At 3:15 AM, I was reading books to review on the blogs.

2. A frisbee, a tantrum, a towel, a party, a punch, or a curveball...which have you most recently thrown or had thrown at/for you? Elaborate.

I think recently we have experienced a lot of tantrums thrown at us.  This along with a couple of curveballs as well.   We have had a lot of family drama thrown our way.  We try to stay at home and keep our mouths shut and our noses clean.  It seems that this does not suit others well.

3. What are three things that would help you right now? Tell us how or why.

PowerPoint, a new computer, and a more ad play on YouTube.  Anyone who has read my recent posts knows that our laptop, the one I used to edit the videos, died.  When it died, it took with it our PowerPoint program, which is the program I use to edit the videos.

Suzanne and I started sharing a computer and it had a jam up version of PowerPoint, but then the subscription expired. We had no idea it had an expiration date on it.

To make a long story short, we have started a GoFundMe to raise the money to get a new version of PowerPoint so I can get back to making the videos and renew the How To Manage Your Monkey domain.

We have a little bit of ad play on YouTube and it is starting to grow.  In fact, it is starting to hit its stride.   We could always use more.

4. Do you think you're strong? Why or why not? What makes you strong?

Physically, not any more.  I used to be able to hold my own in a redneck bar or two.  I was in the rescue squad and we often had to fight our way into a bar to deal with victims of bar fights.  But, age and diabetes have rendered it so that moving from my chair to Suzanne’s has become a chore.

Emotionally, I think I am strong. I do get hit with things from left field that cause temporary setbacks but, I usually bounce back fairly fast.

5. Do you enjoy reading historical fiction? What's your favorite book set sometime in the past?

I don’t normally choose fiction.  However, I do read it from time to time for reviews.  I did choose to read Gone With The Wind.  The book contains so much more than the movie.  It provided a great deal of insight to me about that time in the South.  Suzanne and I read War and Peace together.  It was confusing but enjoyable.

Recently, Suzanne and I have been sent some of the Liz Talbot books to review. These are set in the present, but in South Carolina where often history is discussed.  These books have been entertaining and fun to read because they are set back home.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Often it is easy to think that our troubles are bad and that no one else has them.  For many of us the troubles are financial.  For others of us there are family issues.  

It is far too easy to judge others by our standards and not understand what is going on in their lives at all. Before we judge others and tell them to just suck it up or other nonsense, we should try to understand them a little better and, even if we don’t understand them, pray for them.

If you would like for me to pray for you, please drop me an e-mail by clicking prayer.

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  1. I think, physically, you still don't know your own strength. You are much stronger than you think you are.
    I love you, my Zing.

    1. Well the old doctor found out I was stronger than he thought I was.

  2. I always enjoy learning more about you and Suzanne. I hope you get the funding needed to keep making videos.

    1. Thanks. Suzanne is a dear. The funding will happen.

  3. Didn't know that you lived a nocturnal life. I like your random.

    1. Yep, we do most of our best work in the dark, like vampires. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I have never been a night owl. I'm at my best early morning, which I guess is why my energy dips about 3. I actually took a nap today and it felt great. Good luck with your computer purchase!

    1. Naps are good. Suzanne and I have always gravitated towards night time for work. That is why we did so good as newspaper carriers.

  5. I am a fellow Wednesday Hodgepodger and I clicked on your link from Joyce Daley's site. I am happy to meet another male Hodgepodger. We are a minority. All the best in resolving your computer/power point problems. Your Random Thought is spot on. Everyone is dealing with one thing or another so extending some attitude is warranted. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks for stopping in and commenting. It seems like male bloggers that do the memes are rare. We got the PowerPoint problem resolved. Have a great week.


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